Basket Case Baby

When I was a kid, I used to fantasize about finding a baby in a basket, on the door step.

Not an old beat up basket like this one–holding baby April–but a pretty little wicker one. Of course the baby would have a note attached to it reading, “Please look after my baby,” or something mysterious like that. In my child mind, the baby would, of course, be mine to have and name and play with forever–like a doll.

Back then, it was a magical, romantic thought–finding a baby on the porch that for some weird reason you could just keep. But nowadays, to imagine such a thing is just downright creepy. I mean, really–where were the “Child Protective Services” back then?

I know, I know…they didn’t exist.

At any rate, there must be some kind of compact, feel good, choo-choo train kind of relationship that many moms have with babies in baskets.Ā  Not just to sleep–but you know, where you plop them in this funny little place and tow them around the carpet for awhile.

And for the baby it’s instant Disneyland.

Oooh-oooh! The doorbell just rang…

I’ll go see–maybe it’s a stray baby or something.

I mean, you never know.

10 Replies to “Basket Case Baby”

  1. My girls love playing in baskets. I used to get in a basket and ride down the stairs in it. Not a good idea!

  2. I use to have the same fantasy. Is it a little girl thing or what??? My kids always loved playing in baskets, actually my 5 year old still gets excited when he can find the laundry basket empty. Must be comforting to be closely surrounded like that. Maybe I should fold the laundry baskets of clean clothes tonight after I put the kids to bed and surprise him with an empty laundry basket in the family room in the morning, just sitting there empty and ready to be climbed into and played with. Thanks for that prodding. šŸ™‚

  3. Anna LOVES playing in baskets. One of her favorite things to do is to sit in a little basket and have Devin push her around making all sorts of car noises. HIS favorite thing to do is to dump her out of the basket as the “car” takes a sharp turn.

  4. My mom said that in “her” day, if a family fell on very hard times–where the children could actually starve, they would dole the children out like that. Often they would find a well off family and just leave the baby there, hoping that no one would be able to resist a helpless baby. How terrible for the poor mom though!

  5. Well, nowadays, we’d call family services and try to find the mom and get her some help. I had a friend in school that used to tell me that if she ended up not being any good at motherhood–she’d leave the baby on my porch someday. Such a strange way to think. I can’t imagine it.

  6. You know…I’m pretty sure I’D love to play in them too–proportionately, I mean. Imagine playing in a safe little cart, with someone willing to merrily pull and push you all over the place. I’d sure let them do it!

  7. I think that Baby Chomp has had more experience with the bucket than with any basket! šŸ˜€ Close enough! šŸ˜‰

    Hmmm… it would sure be interesting to just all of the sudden have a new little baby. I’d take care of them though! šŸ˜€

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