Pirate Genes

Being the pirate loving mateys that we are…

we gathered the crew and headed back to one of our favorite places

Pirate Island!  It’s mystical…

it’s magical…

and just so dang piratey!

The deckhands love the food…

especially the plank-sized portions.

However, some of the knaves go a little…


with the pizza.

No really.

They pillage and plunder…

they rifle and loot.

It’s a sad, sad story all right.

But this particular swabbie? Oh, she truly can’t help it.

It’s not her fault.

After all…

Her great-grampa was a pirate.

14 Replies to “Pirate Genes”

  1. Where is that place – it looks like something at Disneyland. It also looks like lots of fun. And pirates aren’t so bad anyway beats being a vampire for sure 🙂 (sorry I just couldn’t resist)

  2. This entry ROCKS! I wonder if during an earthquake those stalagtights (I think that’s what the ones on the cieling are called)would fall down and stab people..:0 That’s scary and gruesome, but CREATIVE…;)

  3. Wow, what an awesome family. Especially grandpappy redbeard with his groovy hat. Makes me want to go throw gold pirate coins on someones lawn and post a sign in their yard that reads, “YE BE PIRATED.”

  4. It’s over by University Mall–and it’s lovely. No vampires in sight. Although I must say, pirates were in reality–pretty dang bad guys too you know. Well, except that Johnny Depp one. heh heh

  5. No, I think the stalactites are made out of spongy stuff–or paper mache or something. So if they fell on you you’d just get popped with an egg carton type thing.
    Anyway, it makes me feel better to think that.

  6. Oh–PLEASE let’s do it!! What a great way to “punk” people! We could use chocolate coins and make it really good!

    Thanks for the fab idea man!

  7. That place looks like so much fun!! The pizza looks delicious, too! We’ll have to go there when Jesse’s done with his diet!

    By the way – love the Springy look of your site — I needed that today with all that snow!!

  8. I. Love. Pirates. Sooo awesome! I love this place too… it’s fun to just be there, but it’s nice that the pizza is pretty yummy too!!! What a great idea! *:D*

    Love that Grandpa Redbeard. So great!!!

  9. Oh Lynette… if we all turned into Vampires… you’d still like us, wouldn’t you! 😉 Ha ha ha… we’d be Veggie-Vamps and still be friends with YOU!!! 😀

  10. We are VERY VERY proud of our ancestors who really were pirates. One of our favorite holidays is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” in September. Anna must not have very much pirate blood in her. She HATES pizza. Poor girl. We keep forcing her to try it. No luck yet.

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