“That One Chick” Prize Package

Are you ready my dah-lings?

At last—-here’s the “That One Chick” prize package. It’s loaded with some of my favorite things–in fact, a few of these were just a tad hard to part with….ummm…..Cheetos….No..no. I’m good.

So–this lovely prize package includes:

  • Cheetos
  • Lemonheads
  • Orange Cream Saver
  • Moon Pies
  • Freeze-dried Ice Cream
  • “Clarissa’s Crossing” by some random chick
  • “Clarissa’s Heart” by some random chick
  • Hello Kitty Marshmallow Sucker
  • Yankee Candle “Cinnamon Apple”
  • “Twilight” audio book by Stephanie Meyer

YOU should be cheering and clapping excitedly right about now.

I’m off now to choose our illustrious winner….

Drum roll please……

And the winner is comment # 166— which said:

“What a cool story and an awesome adventure! So do you have any stories where you have a good experience with an exotic animal? Thanks for a good laugh that almost had my drink coming out my nose!”

made by:

Kristen Colson!!!

Congratulations on winning the “That One Chick” MOTHER LODE!!

Thank you to everyone else for your wonderful comments.

Stick with us–our next giveaway is coming up very, VERY soon!

6 Replies to ““That One Chick” Prize Package”

  1. NO WAY!!!!! YYEEAAAHHHHH!!!! I am so excited!! I can’t wait to read the books by that random chick!! Wooohoooo!! And yummy treats!! I am so EXCITED!! (Did I say that already?)

  2. Oh, and THANK YOU!

    It’s been fun reading your posts and learning even more reasons why you’re so awesome!

  3. Congrats – I’m so jealous. You’ll love the books especially, at least the ones where no vampire is involved 🙂

  4. Aww, man. If I had known copies of your awesome books were on the line, I would’ve held the baby in a few more weeks and been more diligent about commenting! Congrats to the winner! You are a very lucky Kristen!

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