Up, Up and Away

Each Independence Day, before decent people are even awake…

We make our way to the Provo Balloon Festival.  It goes like this…

First we wander around until we find just the right spot.

Then we sit back and enjoy the beautiful show.

Aside from the fact that being surrounded by all this lovely stuff is an  incredible experience–aside from that–I’m not completely sure why we do all this.

It really could be this.

Could be this

It could be this.

In the end…I think…

I hope

that it is always…



8 Replies to “Up, Up and Away”

  1. I remember a couple of times seeing those balloons take off on my way to work. You guys are nuts for waking up so early. I am tired just looking at the pictures. 😉

  2. If there was something this fun happening every morning that early, I could EASILY become a morning person! 😉 And we need to quadruple the recipe for the fruit pizza… I can ALWAYS go for more! *:D*

  3. We get hot air balloons all the time around where I live. I see them on my way to work a lot. So I don’t go out of my way to see them. Especially if I have to get up early.

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