The Shirts

Ahhhh yes. We’re a patriotic bunch, us.


We seem to have a never ending supply of shirts to celebrate the day.

It’s a good thing too, because we have several “days” that seem to warrant a little red, white and blue action going on.

We have Memorial Day…

We have Summerfest…

we have the Freedom Festival Balloon thingy…

and, you know–the actual 4th of July.

No matter WHAT it looks like–

we’re not messing around.

Heh, heh.

Patriotic “Paper” Chains

Remember getting those little packs of paper stripsĀ  with one sticky side and one regular side? We’d spend all afternoon making them into the most lovely paper chains to hang around the room. My daughter also makes beautiful count down paper chains for people that have a big event coming soon. Point is–we LOVE paper chains around here!!

So, when I saw a pattern for a more PERMANENT “paper” chain to crochet–I was smitten!

This is the first thing I have made in a long, long time that actually made me giggle as it was coming together. Isn’t it adorable?

The minute this one was finished and hung, my mind started spinning with other color scheme posibilities. Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Easter. Groundhog Day. Harry Potter’s Owl’s Birthday. I could be doing this FOR EV ER. Heh, heh.

No end in sight.

Send Cheetoes.

Patriotic Granny Wreath

Oh, my goodness! The red, white and blue festival never ends!!

Maybe it’s the crazy state of the planet these days–but we’re just feeling dang patriotic around here. So much so, that I’ve been gathering 4th of July patterns and yarn scraps and making anything and everything that catches my eye.

And as you will see– there’s plenty that catches my eye.

Simple granny squares fitted over a Styrofoam wreath circle. What could be easier?! What could be more patriotic? What could be more Land of the Free and home of the Brave-ish?

Nothing, I tell you.



If you’d like to make this pretty little thing–I found the pattern here.

A Patriotic Bunting

The Patriotic bug has absolutely taken over at this place!!

I saw this pattern somewhere and couldn’t resist. I already had all the colors–which made it so easy.

And it only took a couple of nights listening to my favorite podcast and they were finished.

My kind of project indeed. I pondered how to tie them together and did a temporary strand of yarn –just to see how they looked and poof! That did it.

I liked the simple strand bows so much that that’s how they’re staying.

Only trouble is–I love all the Red, White and Blue so much–I can’t stop!!

You’ll see….