~ Our Own Hero ~


Many of you know that my daughter has worked for Partyland for many years. Well this last week was a tough one for our friends there, as they lost one of their own.

Please read about Cody Towse–local hero.

Thank you Cody for your honor and sacrifice. Our prayers are with your family now, until you’re together again.


Made In America~

If you’d like to take the “Made in USA Challenge”– check out the button on my side bar–or if you’d rather, click here. Seems to me that this is a truly worthy cause and not really all that hard to do. This site is full of US shops and vendors so it’s essentially doing a ton of the work for you. And by spending just less than $70–more if you’d like–on American made goods we’ll be helping, in a small way to keep jobs in our country.

Feels like the right thing to do.

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Beauty All Around

April and I took a quick trip up the canyon yesterday and we were positively awestruck with the beauty of the scenery around us. Sincerely, it took our breath away. Then we rounded the bend and came out of the canyon and crested the Orem hill and saw…


this. We had no choice but to pull over to avoid getting in a wreck.

What a beautiful world we live in.