Balloon Fest

Every single 4th of July since the beginning of time a strange custom has been taking place.  Here’s how it works. Long before normal people even are even stirring the truly stalwart and/or ridiculous are hauling their sleepy little bodies out of their soft warm beds…


to end up here…in this parking lot.

july 4 001

with bleary-eyed babies…


still in pajamas…

all for these beautiful “bubbles”…

july 4 008

and this pink pig…

july 4 012

and this tiger…

October 2008 download 122

and this bear…

October 2008 download 123

and this balloon filled sky.


To be honest…


watching their wonder was by far the best part.


But I have to say…the fruit pizza didn’t hurt either!

6 Replies to “Balloon Fest”

  1. “Bubbles! Bubbles!” Heh. I’m pretty sure they’re the cutest babies on the planet. And I’m not biased, even a little bit.

  2. I really love the 4th of July… and I’m realizing that the this tradition are a BIG part of that! Fireworks are awesome… but there’s something about getting up that early and then just sitting and watching the beauty and grace of a Hot Air Balloon filled morning!!! The fruit pizza is sooo tasty too… but watching balloons and babies… SOOO great! 🙂

  3. Well I think your babies are some of the cutest but my girls are also in that category! I remember driving to work (many many moons ago) on the 4th of July just in time to see the balloons fill the sky. It was awesome!

  4. I’m so glad you have this blog. It’s helping me catch up on what I’ve missed while in New York! And that Tiger one is new… cool!

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