Those Crazy Boys

It’s been a hundred years since I’ve posted anything about my sweet little Bald Kid. He’s still busy and hard at work in…Siberia. In fact, I found this picture on another missionary’s family website. She was taking a picture of the “leaders who came to teach them some new language skills,” and there was my boy, right at the front of the room. And to think, he use to be so shy!

He sent us this one to remind us all to be so grateful for our clean water. The nasty yellow and grey filters on the counter behind my boy are the old ones. They are suppose to be white…but they’re not. Blaugh! Thank you America for our clean water.  :}

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Next, he was trying very hard to impress us with his cooking skills. Apparently, he had made the Cheesy Egg Bake–as seen by the guy in the back eating it with his bare hands. Tacky boys, tacky.  He also made our special recipe Fruit Salad which is on the table in the back. Good, good…eat your fruit.

This one is some Ninja smorgasbord–not sure what that’s about–but he made Fruit Crepes and our Cheesy Lasagna. And again the guy on the right is eating it with his hands. How can I complain when MY boy seems to be having Snickers bars for supper? Sheesh. But seriously, who eats lasagna with their hands?!

And lastly, still keeping with our sort of food theme, we have here an Elder Sandwich. I don’t have the recipe for that, but obviously all it takes is some crazy boys forgetting how to make a bed and this is what happens.  :}

Ooooh, I miss this fellow. He says, however that he’s “having the time of his life and wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.”

What more could a mother want?

Well, other than to have the next 6 months go very, very quickly I mean.

Be well and safe my boy.

3 Replies to “Those Crazy Boys”

  1. eating lasagna with your hands AND keeping if off your tie—that’s a marketable skill, that!! Cuts down on doing dishes with the yellow/brown water I expect.

  2. Hehe.. an Elder sandwich! However, I cannot stress how important clean water is. We are so blessed to be in such a wonderful place with so much of it! I’m glad he’s having a great time. 6 months isn’t too long, he’ll be home before you know it. 😀

  3. Oh man… I miss him so much too! 🙂 I love that he’s learning and growing so much… and teaching us so many great things as well. I’m excited for him to come home, but it’s great to see how he’s changing, meeting new people and gaining more experience… he’ll have a really great perspective of things when he does finally get home! 😀

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