The Doll House Man

On our last trip to the local Farmer’s Market in Provo, we met this lovely fellow. His name is John Jackson, but I’m just going to call him the Doll House Man. For the last 6 or 7 years this cute guy has been making the doll houses of every girl’s dreams. He actually reminded me of my sweet daddy, only instead of making cakes–he makes furniture and houses for little folks.

Miss Chompy could not take her eyes off the lavender one with all it’s pretty little tables and chairs and hutches and bunkbeds…

and couches and love seats. I was amazed at how sturdy and solid every piece was. For me, there’s just something about hand made toys that tugs at my heart. It feels like some sort of connection to something bigger just to hold them in my hands.

Chompy particularly loved this rocking chair…so we sort of, kind of, you know…bought it. Oh, it was just too cute to leave behind. Besides, it was just the perfect size for her Strawberry Shortcake dolly back home.

It was all so pretty. I mean– just look at the sweet little shutters on every window.

I really loved the idea of the drawers at the bottom of the house too. That’s right, keep all those dolly clothes up off the floor! That makes mommas very happy.

Now you know that I rarely say the words “you should get this” on my blog. Well, sometimes about yarn…and maybe Cheetoes…but that can’t be helped. I would never want to make my friends crazy with ads and things, but, when we met Mr. Jackson, I was so impressed with his sturdy, beautiful doll houses that I kept thinking, “my children’s grandchildren would be able to play with this.”  No lie.

So, if you have a little sweetheart that would love to find something like this under her Christmas Tree, I hope you’ll give Mr. Jackson a call. He is adorable and if you’re anything like us–you’ll love him…and his pretty little doll houses.  :}

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  1. I didn’t have a doll house but did make my own furniture for my Barbies. I remember using milk cartons, tuna cans, and shoe boxes and covering them with fabric scraps and trinkets. I created table, couches, chairs, beds and kitchen appliances. Empty wooden thread spools and discarded makeup jars and tubes could be turned into a variety of useful household items. Such fun memories. The one special item that was built for me by my Grandfather (my children and their children are still using it) is a child size kitchen cupboard. It is a beautifully crafted perfect replica of a kitchen of that era counter top and all.

  2. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! It just proves that we should have been friends even longer ago than we were. :} I would have loved to play with you.
    We lived in such a tiny house when I was a kid that when I asked for something like a dollhouse, my mom would sweetly say, “Where would we put that honey?” I did have a cardboard Tammy’s Dream House though and it was still fun.

  3. This man was so sweet and talented! I love his work. I might just like that rocking chair more than Miss Chomp. She does have fun with it though, especially since she’s found that 3 ML Ponies can fit in it at one time! 😉 So great!

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