Things To Love

right this minute… 021

Sorting through my 50,000 stacks of scrumptious recipes in anticipation of having a big fellow to cook for again…soon…hee, hee!


Trading out the futon bunk bed with the lumpy mattress, for a brand new, real live, grown-up, pillow-top, queen-sized, normal person bed…


with the perfect blanket on top.  :}  004

Having my very own teeny-tiny guardian angel fairy watching over me while I sleep…thanks, Emily!


Putting all the giant Nike high-tops back on the closet shelf in case a certain someone wants to wear them again…sometime.


Rice crackers that remind me of my grade school in Los Angeles because a lot of the kids had them in sandwich bags and nibbled on them at recess. See the green spots on some of them? It’s seaweed…and those were the ones I tried not to get when I was offered a handful. And see that little half moon one just to the left of the middle? Yeaaah…that’s wasabi. It’ll blow the back of your head off and you may or may not cry for 10 minutes if you accidentally put it in your mouth during reading time.

The rest of them are great. :}


Getting a new, no kidding around space heater for the basement that Beany can’t force into shut-down mode by laying on it. So ha.


Washing and hanging up lots of colored shirts and jeans because I’m thinking they might be a welcome sight very soon for….


well…you know.

What about you? What are you loving–right this very minute?

5 Replies to “Things To Love”

  1. I can’t wait! It’s one of the first things I think about in the morning these days… just one less day each time! It’ll be fun to have the family together too.

  2. I’m loving re-reading the text from my 17 year old daughter saying, ” I love you Mom.”
    And last night, making dinner with my 20 year old son, he said, “I need to eat more vegetables. Can I have a carrot?”

  3. Taking small naps each day, keeping up on the mountains of laundry, feeling well enough to cook dinner again, and spending time with my kiddos.

  4. I love watching that countdown! YAY!!! So excited! I also love…

    *Cookies (You know… we haven’t had Farm Cookies in a while…)
    *The sun shining all day and even longer in the evening
    *Friends that make you happy to be on the planet just by thinking about them
    *People who are gracious, helpful, happy and kind
    *Sweet kids that I’m lucky enough to get to have and keep FOREVER
    *A husband that works hard EVERY SINGLE DAY!
    *An awesome Mom that is one of my best friends in the whole world 🙂

    And so much more!

  5. I love the anticipation and excitement in your blog. So excited . I love the NICE day we had today. A hubby that lets me rub his feet and a dear friend that loves my family.
    You have a pretty amazing family yourself!

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