Bubble Wrap Window Insulation


Because we live in a house with single paned windows– unless we want to crank the heat up to ridiculous– it can get a bit nippy in some of the basement rooms, especially at night…especially in the Bald Kid’s room. Since he’s still hanging out on the other side of the earth, I figured this would be as good a time as any to toast the room up a bit. I do wish that I’d found this idea last November, instead of now…when it’s getting warmer. But you can’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Right?


I saw a guy on YouTube insulate his windows with Bubble Wrap and so I thought I’d try it. Seemed to make sense and if it didn’t work, I could still play with all that bubble wrap in the end. :} Staples had much smaller packages than this but it was either $12 for 50 ft. or $17 for the mother load 175 ft.


 I guess you can see what I did. A bus load of Bubble wrap for EVERYONE!!


First measure your windows from the top to bottom and cut out the bubble wrap to fit.


I got really good at this part and started cutting several out at one time.


Next, either spray your windows down with a squirter bottle or just get them all soppy with a wash cloth.


Now, taking the wrap, place it bubble side to the window and just gently press it up there. I swear it’s like magic and just sticks.


Repeat with enough wrap to cover the whole window.


I just went straight over the middle latch section…


and it worked just fine.


More…and more. The room was getting warmer as I worked.


Lastly, I just tucked the end of the piece right into the side of the window frame.


The guy on YouTube said that this will usually stay in place for about 3 weeks and all you have to do to replace it is spray the windows again and stick it back up.


Two windows took exactly 22 minutes to insulate from start to finish and cost about $1 per window. When the really warmer weather comes, just peel it off and save it till fall. Oh, and of course, there’s no sticky tape leftovers to deal with either.
Feeling pretty darn clever right this minute.

And warmer too.  :}

7 Replies to “Bubble Wrap Window Insulation”

  1. Interesting.. You’ll have to let me know if you feel a difference. One of my back doors whistles when it is windy. It really annoys me because all the cold air comes in. I need to fix the seal along the edge of the door. I wish there was a bubble wrap solution for that. 😉

  2. This is awesome!! Do please follow up in a few weeks to let us know the final verdict! We may just have to try this next year!

  3. That’s a great solution for keeping that room warm until we can fix the windows. 🙂 Great thinking, Mom! You’re so innovative! 😉 Maybe I’ll do it on the windows in the kids rooms too!

  4. Wow, that is a great idea 🙂 Looks like there is no need for curtain either, even better 🙂

  5. G’day,
    I live in the land down under and have the reverse problem, (42c today) how can I keep the heat coming in my small unit cheaply and easy please ?
    Any ideas greatly accepted, I live alone and am a permanently disabled pensioner.

    Many Thanks in advance,

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