Things I’m Loving

right this minute…

Little fingers that are learning magical things…

Gum wrapper chains…remember them?

…stay tuned!

Candy too pretty to eat…well…almost.

A new headband with every color in the universe.

Finding a cozy home for some dear friends


A busload of brand new snow…

Chocolate marshmallows. Yes, I said CHOCOLATE marshmallows. Why’s it taken so long to think up that cool idea?


A new, Diva Pink and Silver BagBag in the works…

A far away boy walking in the snow…

Real, live Oreos with real, live footballs on them. Oh, my-my.

Ok, Perhaps there is life after heartbreak.

What about you? What are you loving right this minute?

8 Replies to “Things I’m Loving”

  1. Ok, THAT pink bag has my name on it! gotta have it. Goes with the pink scooter I already own and pink is just the bees knees anyway!

  2. Isn’t it pretty? My niece said the same thing. It’s a slow go with this one because the hot pink bags are kinda thick. But it’s coming along. I really love it and it’s “one-of-a-kindness.”

    Are you going to be home for your birthday or will you already be gone?

  3. Cheese curd and root beer milk!!! πŸ˜‰ Ha ha ha!!!

    I love getting organized. I love when I find jUUUst where my things want to be and then knowing where to find them again later. That’s very nice! I working on spreading that love all around my room and the house as fast as I can! πŸ˜‰

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