The Queen’s Magical Fabric

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Long, long ago—so long ago, in fact, that the queen of the whole world’s children actually were children—there was discovered a beautiful, magical piece of fabric.

This fabric was a perfect purple, blue and pink paisley, fuzzy, velor.

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It was also discovered that the mystical fabric had a perfectly divine purpose and would be just the thing for making three lovely dressing gowns for the queen’s three incredibly cool daughters.

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However, there was trouble in the kingdom that season and the queen became preoccupied with many, many mundane tasks. Therefore the 3 dressing gowns for the 3 princesses didn’t actually happen.

It turned out to be a good thing because as the princesses grew, one day they unanimously declared that the beautiful, perfect, purple, blue, and pink paisley fuzzy velor was in reality NOT beautiful. It was “dreadful, horrible, snakey” fabric.

Some say the word “hideous” was even gently tossed about that day.

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Well, it’s a good thing the queen didn’t make those dressing gowns for her incredibly cool daughters out of that incredibly NOT cool fabric or certainly all would have been lost, and despair would have swallowed up the kingdom. The horrid fabric was sent to the cold and damp dungeon, to never be heard of again.


That was close.

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Several generations later, after much banishing, crown shifting and dragon slaying…

the queen was still in charge of the whole world, but the kingdom had new heirs to the thrown.


By royal decree, the dreaded fabric was searched out and found. To the delight of all…


it was miraculously beautiful once more.

Just perfect in fact…


for a playful romp through the castle halls…


a quiet chat in the upper chambers…


or even a quick ride around the grounds.

The magical fabric was wholeheartedly embraced and invited to stay.

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He agreed.

At last, balance, harmony and good will were restored to the kingdom.

Next order of business…

Joy, love, rock and roll, and of course—

world peace.

News at 10.

11 Replies to “The Queen’s Magical Fabric”

  1. How do you take a simple act of creativity and love and somehow turn it into a magical adventure? Thank you for the inspiration and fun perspective – I think I’ll view my “list” today as if I am a queen who has given the servants the day off as a noble gesture of good will so that peace will reign throughout the kingdom 🙂

  2. What a cute snake! I bet it is nice and fuzzy and soft! In your face 3 princesses! 😉

  3. With the way you re-purpose things… I’m surprised it wasn’t 3 little dresses and then STILL turned into 3 snakes! 😉

    Long live the Queen!?! 😉

  4. Welllll….the snakes are filled with used plastic grocery sacks. Is that repurposed enough for you? Plus–the plastic bag stuffing makes them “hiss” when they are moved. Perfect snakey behavior, I’d say.

  5. I love reading your blog! it always brings a smile. I feel so lucky to be a friend to the queen. I am at your service 🙂

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