So-So Grateful…

for a sweet, clever daughter that can add her own twist to a fashion statement.

for an “Uncle Dane” that can take a few simple props and turn them into a magic castle tent for Chompy.

that my hand is healing very nicely…thank you. Now where’s that crochet hook?

that a smile from this little dude can soothe an achy heart.

that a good book at bedtime is still a wonderful diversion.

that my sister is doing that “happily ever after” thing.

to come to this beautiful place with all 5 of my dear children…who aren’t actually children…anymore.

that someday…someday…I will take such a picture again.

Please, please share what you’re grateful for this fine day. I’ll add them to the Gratitude List AND in the quote rotator on the side bar. We’re nearly at 300 now–help us get to a 1000 “Things To Be Grateful For!”


7 Replies to “So-So Grateful…”

  1. Grateful:
    3-year-old learning to play hide-and seek
    Letter-writing opportunities
    Successful business
    New art paper
    Hard-working husbands
    A great blog by my mom 🙂 (keep it up, forget the other stuff)


  2. I am grateful for the sweet words of “mama”. There are no better words in the English language. I am also grateful for the sweet smell of dew that lets you know that pretty soon, little bulbs will be poking their head out of the ground.

  3. I’m grateful for….

    raspberry butter on fresh hot rolls.

    the ability to recall the words to the Hokey Pokey (even after laying dormant in my brain for years) so that I can easily join in with the kindergarteners.

    my 3-year old, who despite her speech delays, spontaneously blurts that she loves mom.

    my 6-year old birthday girl who proclaims that she is going to take her mommy to Hawaii with her birthday money.

  4. Many more things that make me happy and so I’m thankful for them…

    *A little girl who can talk a LOT!
    *Gift cards waiting to be used
    *Menus to help me stay on track
    *Having the means to get everything on the shopping list and then some
    *Coupon, Discount and Deal-a-Day sites that help me get great deals on places and things I love
    *Family that are Friends
    *Friends that are Family
    *A Husband who works hard, takes good care of us and never complains about it.
    *Movies coming to the theater to look forward to.
    *The Sun making an appearance after a really snowy day.
    *A bag of Sour Patch Kids making their way down the row to me at the theater.
    *Getting organized
    *Newly hung shelves
    *Scrapbook pages
    *Just Dance 2
    *Mario, Princess Peach, Koopas, Boo, Chomp and the whole gang!

    And much, much more!

  5. I am so grateful for a husband who loves me, and lets me be myself, for all my sweet children and for my beautiful grand-children. Love this post today. I always love to be reminded of the things that I am grateful for!

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