364 Days~ Left

Today–we are celebrating the beginning of the official count DOWN for my sweet boy in Siberia. Yes, yes–hard to believe for some people–not his mother–but this cute fellow left us exactly one year ago yesterday.

He is working hard and loving every second of his experience, but ooooh–we miss him so much! So, in celebration–we nibbled on bananas–one of his favorite fruits and looked at his pictures and told stories about him. A lovely way to spend and evening, I must say.

I’ve put a count down on the left side of the blog so that I can keep an eye on the days and time and even the temperature in his country. Last week it was a whopping -47 degrees. Yes, I said 47 below zero. That should make us all grateful for what ever winter weather we have–don’t you think? Me…I’m just thrilled out of my mind happy to finally be on the down side of this adventure…

because…I miss this handsome face, and because

crybabies make dreadful missionary moms.

There. I said it.



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  1. what a great idea-to celebrate the way you did. and is that russian pizza in the picture?? wonder what that really tastes like!! I’m finally back in the land of the living–good thing too, as we have our local midwives conference starting tonight! I present on handling un-diagnosed breech and sunday afternoon I teach beginning suturing. Sheri is coming from Reno to attend and will be camping along with us in the new house. Cleaning up after the contractors is a slow, painstaking and seemingly, endless task… of course being sick and having to do all the headstands that always seem to come with cleaning of any sort…… one thing at a time-feels like it will take another year to get things re-done and cleaned and recovered from the re-build! Maybe I should use the Bald Kid’s countdown for being done-done with the house and look forward to that same date with you for completely different reasons!!

  2. I am so happy for you that you’re now on the “LESS THAN A YEAR” countdown! I’ve enjoyed all of your posts about his adventures. Your post today made my eyes mist up. I can feel in your posts about him the love and pride you have for him.
    It brought back many memories of when my son was overseas and how much I missed him.
    I can’t wait to hear as the time draws nearer the plans that you’ll be making for his “welcome home!!” You can’t fool anyone either….we know you’re “thrilled out of your mind!” I am thrilled for you! πŸ™‚

  3. Well, I’ll sure celebrate with you when that’s all finished. Sheesh. You poor thing. Good luck with your conference and give Sheri a hug from me. I miss you guys. :}

  4. You are sooo sweet–thank you, thank you for your kind words. There really is nothing like “Momma love” is there? Especially when they’re far away from us. It’s so hard to explain, which makes it very nice to talk to someone who knows the feeling. We know how to comfort each other, somhow–don’t we? Thanks so much. :}

  5. I wish I was in on all the celebrations… but I’m pretty excited about him hitting his year mark one way or the other! πŸ™‚

    Let the countdown begin!!! ***:D***

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