Newlywed Housewarming

The newlyweds are back! After a lovely honeymoon cruise they invited us all–and I do mean all–over for a gift opening party. Wooohooo!

And these two cuties have a ton of wonderful friends, so there were a million gifts.

So many practical things that everyone needs when they are just starting out…

and some very sweet, personal gifts from some a few dear friends.

It was so lovely to hear the notes that friends and family sent in the STACK of cards they received. And they read every one.

When the youngsters were about halfway through all the presents, they took a break and made us Rootbeer and/or Creamsicle floats. I’m not usually a carbonated drink fan, but on a hot summer day–and with the right rootbeer (A&W of course!) I can indeed be persuaded.

Looks like we were just not entertaining enough for Magoo. He loves his Aunt April.

I asked my girl just today, what she thought of this married life stuff.

She said, “Mom, it’s positively perfect.”

Well, I’d say it’s your turn honey.

Funny how marriage just suits some folks–isn’t it?

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