Jolly Little Snowman

Snowmen seem to be all the thing these days, so when I saw this pattern, I desperately wanted to make it for my sweet Jillian–who loves snowmen! It took a bit of tweaking to get everything they way I wanted it–but in the end he’s just what we wanted. Check out his cute little stick arms and mittens! And what can we say about that carrot nose?

Ohhhh, my, but he turned out cute!


Newlywed Housewarming

The newlyweds are back! After a lovely honeymoon cruise they invited us all–and I do mean all–over for a gift opening party. Wooohooo!

And these two cuties have a ton of wonderful friends, so there were a million gifts.

So many practical things that everyone needs when they are just starting out…

and some very sweet, personal gifts from some a few dear friends.

It was so lovely to hear the notes that friends and family sent in the STACK of cards they received. And they read every one.

When the youngsters were about halfway through all the presents, they took a break and made us Rootbeer and/or Creamsicle floats. I’m not usually a carbonated drink fan, but on a hot summer day–and with the right rootbeer (A&W of course!) I can indeed be persuaded.

Looks like we were just not entertaining enough for Magoo. He loves his Aunt April.

I asked my girl just today, what she thought of this married life stuff.

She said, “Mom, it’s positively perfect.”

Well, I’d say it’s your turn honey.

Funny how marriage just suits some folks–isn’t it?

Covert Ops Photography

Yes, yes, I know. I went out of order here. The wedding typically comes AFTER the Bridals. But I actually forgot that I took these sneaky pictures–and it does seem a shame to waste them. Forgive me.

We went out to the shores of Utah Lake and the park nearby.

Even after living here for a million years, I had no idea this place was so pretty.

Or maybe it was just that girl there…

waving at her mama. Yeah, it could be that.

Kinda fun for me–watching the camera people do their thing–while I got to sit in the car…

snapping the occasional covert shot of my own, here and there.

At one point, the camera guy said, ” We should have you walk around or something, because we have a lot of kissing shots.”

HAaaaa! Honestly, what did he expect Beauty and Charming to do a week before their wedding?

Silly camera guy.


Happily Ever After

It’s such an odd thing to wake up one day and find that my sweet little daughter…

is just not so little anymore. In fact, she’d transformed into a real, live fairy princess.

On this lovely day of her wedding to her sweetheart…

I hope you’ll forgive the obvious gaps and puckers in my photography. Oh, I did my best to capture so much that was wonderful about the day~

the beautiful decorations and pictures…

our sweet “babies” playing follow the leader…

patient, loving daughters…

a hardworking sister–who made the cake, btw…

and the dearest…

of eternal friends.

I couldn’t help but remember when Jillian was the little girl in the flowery, yellow dress–

being reminded over and over to keep those tiny fingers off Grampa’s pretty wedding cake.

But while I busied myself with snapping shots of as much of the day as I could…

there came a time when I had to pause and just watch for a moment or two…

or I would have missed my baby girl turning into a beautiful, grown-up lady…

right before my eyes.

And truly, no one should ever miss the chance to have a fairy princess take their breath away.

Be happy my darlings in your wonderful new life together. Happy honeymoon.

We love you.