Covert Ops Photography

Yes, yes, I know. I went out of order here. The wedding typically comes AFTER the Bridals. But I actually forgot that I took these sneaky pictures–and it does seem a shame to waste them. Forgive me.

We went out to the shores of Utah Lake and the park nearby.

Even after living here for a million years, I had no idea this place was so pretty.

Or maybe it was just that girl there…

waving at her mama. Yeah, it could be that.

Kinda fun for me–watching the camera people do their thing–while I got to sit in the car…

snapping the occasional covert shot of my own, here and there.

At one point, the camera guy said, ” We should have you walk around or something, because we have a lot of kissing shots.”

HAaaaa! Honestly, what did he expect Beauty and Charming to do a week before their wedding?

Silly camera guy.


3 Replies to “Covert Ops Photography”

  1. She’s so pretty. Her bridals were adorable, and made great center pieces. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. BAAAH Ha ha ha… a lot of kissing pictures. That’s funny. BIG surprise! Ha ha ha! She would. Ha ha ha ha!

    That Lake has always seemed dirty and blah… so it’s pretty cool to know that there are pretty places around it! Very cool!

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