Finding The Dress

Ooooh, there’s something so magical about sitting on that poofy couch–watching your daughter, your baby daughter, try on one beautiful white dress after another.

Swishing past so you can touch it if you want to.

Walking a straight line just to see if the train trails behind just perfectly…as it should.

With a sash around the middle…

…or a satin ribbon?

Will it be the flowered veil, or a simple one with tiny sparkles? Decisions, decisions.

Then flouncing back to the dressing room to try another one.

And in the end our dear little bride-to-be chose the dress that made her feel most like a princess from her favorite fairy tale…as we knew she would.

Happily, I’m truly just along for the ride because the perfect dress for the biggest day in her life simply MUST be her choice. The one that feels right and makes all the searching…just stop.

The dress of her dreams.


Fear not~I didn’t actually show you the one that she picked, because that would be…well, just wrong. Besides, we couldn’t risk Prince Charming getting snoopy, now could we?

The Fitting Of The Slipper

Yep–it’s for real. My little–or not so little–Jillian is engaged. Mr. Charming asked her to marry him and run away to his castle to live happily ever after.

She said yes.

Looks like the glass slipper fits just perfectly.

Oh, such happy things ahead for them…

for all of us.

Welcome Mr. Charming.

What a lovely world.

Getting Carried Away…

This Halloween moment…

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from our lives.

A simple, special, memorable moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and keep close to my heart.

If you are inspired to do the same–leave us a link in the comments.

Happy Halloween weekend my friends.

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Big Kid Spooks

Back when the “big kids” were really little kids and not actually big kids, and didn’t have any little kids of their own–are you still with me?–dressing up for Halloween was a month long deal. These guys would tear through the costume box and try everything on and mix and match to their hearts content before finally, FINALLY deciding what to “be” for Halloween. Many times the big decision would end up being made about 3 minutes before scurrying out the door with everybody else to trick or treat.

Look who we have here–Sweet Lyndi the naughty witch, Yellow embarrassed clown Jillian, Purple grinning clown April, friend sixties girl Alyna, and bitty baby bear Daney boy.

Silly little “bald kid” was just a baby, not a big enough kid, and too busy being a baby, and being bald, to dress up. ha ha.

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