My Poor Kitty

So, do you remember me telling you weeks ago that we thought Beany had a dislocated hip and there was really nothing we could do?

Well the other day, I was looking at his foot because all of a sudden he started walking really weird, not just with a slight limp, but like he couldn’t bend his foot–at all.

On closer inspection, and to my horror, the top of his foot was swollen up like a golf ball. We got him in to our vet, Dr. Degering as quickly as we could. In fact, I couldn’t even find the cat carrier to take him in so I just held the poor guy on my lap. I thought at first that he would go nuts, but he just sat there and let me hold him. I think sometimes animals just know when we really are trying to help them.

Anyway, Dr. Degering examined him thoroughly and said his hip was fine. At first he thought that Beany must certainly have cancer of the bone, but after an x-ray he found that his leg had actually been broken clear back when I thought he had hurt his hip. Yeah…I feel like such a schmuck. My poor kitty. The doctor thinks that he has a bone infection (Jenny–HELP!!) and that he’ll need to be on anti-biotics for about 10 days. After that he wants to see him again and figure out what to do next. He said part of the bone is deteriorated and a new piece is growing back. Sad…sad.

Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson. I solemnly swear that I will never try to diagnose a very brave, very dear cat’s injuries–ever again. Ever. As long as I live.

And now we wait, while I try to figure out how to give a syringe full of medicine to a street savvy cat…

and hope he forgives me someday.

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8 Replies to “My Poor Kitty”

  1. I think he will forgive you far more quickly than you will forgive yourself! Like you said, animals know. I’ve hurt a good number of fluffy friends in my day and carried the guilt around with me for far too long. But I know in my heart they forgave me long ago, because animals know its not healthy to hold onto things… happy healing puss! you are in our thoughts!

  2. Also, did you know that cats are unique? Their purr carries healing qualities which are known to help mend bone, among other things… I read a scientific study on it! Its why cats don’t really get cancer as often as other animals. Cats purr if they are happy OR injured… hope he gets lots of snuggles so he can use the power of his purr! get well soon.

  3. Poor kitty… he’ll get better. He’s quite the trooper. 🙂 Now then, stop beating yourself up over it all… you don’t know until you know. Beany knows you love him; you take such good care of him and have always been good little friends to each other. He’ll be alright. 🙂

  4. we do the best we can and we make mistakes. God loves us anyway. but sometimes it is hard to forgive ourselves, but we pray for God to help us forgive ourselves and then we move on. like you said, you learned a lesson and you will know what to do next time. i think we all do just what you did. we try to take care of our ”family” but sometimes we need help:)

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