The Witches Breakfast

Ah, yes. The “witch is in,” indeed. Hee, hee.

Last week, we took the kids up to Gardner Village–all dressed in Halloween garb–for the annual Witch’s Breakfast. Here we have Miss Lily the mermaid…

and Sir Beckham the king’s knight.

The place was decorated with pumpkins and ghouls…


and more pumpkins.

We walked around for awhile to take it all in until we were greeted by–

this candy corn witch. I’m sure that wasn’t her name…


but it easily could have been.

I loved her highly edible hat too.

We stepped into the dining room…

and went through the breakfast buffet line for our fabulously scrumptious food. YUM!!

We enjoyed the food and the entertainment–

singing and dancing witches who came right to our table.

and signed autographs.


And then again, there was the food.

and the witches…


and Batman…

who, of course makes everything perfect.

9 Replies to “The Witches Breakfast”

  1. Oh I’m so glad that you took pictures! I wanted to make it to that so bad, but couldn’t 🙁 I love the costumes, and that Mr. Magoo is trying to grab that Witch’s hat. And what would the world be like without Batman right? Classic.

  2. Hehe. iIm sure that was something those kiddos will never forget. So when you go can you dress up like a witch too? I want to take my kids to ride to a witch. Have you done that? I wonder what it’s like… 🙂

  3. Oh, sure. You can dress up like anything. I think the Ride to a Witch is a little pony ride from one place to another where a witch is in a booth. If I saw it right. The whole place is just so much fun. They’ll love it. :}

  4. Disco DIE-Anna… heh. I love the way those witches were dressed up, and their fun names as well. What a fun adventure! We’ll have to remember to dress up more next year. 🙂 I love finding new, festive ways to celebrate! Thanks for sharing all these fun pictures!

  5. You guys do such fun things. I need a copy of your social calendar so I know about some of this stuff. How do you find out about events like this?

  6. Oh fun! We went to Ride To A Witch at Gardener Village. Maybe we’ll do a lot more witchy activities next year. 😀

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