Things I’m Loving…

right this minute…

Pumpkins! They’re everywhere and I adore them. Normally, we have a bunch in our garden, and then on our porch, but our garden this year…now there’s a sad story. So I deeply appreciate all the folks who are stepping up and decorating the town with those lovely, autumn pumpkins. I’m sure they’re doing it just for me.  Heh, heh.

Seeing that sweet little friends can easily turn into family. I can’t wait to see all these pretty kids in 10 years!

Collecting fun stuff for our next big movie party that I’m not allowed to advertise.

Email me if you’d like the details.  :}

Pretty little knotted bracelets for the same event. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

Watching handsome old Tom Brady play a great game of football, even if they…



Finding another picture of my “dream house” and wondering if it only exists on a Thomas Kincade calendar page.

A little dude with some new toothies to go with that fabulous naturally pokey hair.

Reorganizing my cotton yarn stash so that every time I walk past, it makes me smile.  :}

A new pile of Autumn books to read to the kiddos, from Scholastic Book orders. Those papers are soooo dangerous in my hands. Seriously, how can anyone resist all these cool books?

Finding the perfect place for a pile of acorns that we found at the park.

Oh, I just LOVE this time of year.

Don’t you?

4 Replies to “Things I’m Loving…”

  1. You know in 10 years Mallory will be 17! Oh my! I love this time of year too, except the colds that inevitably go with it. 😉

  2. I love that the air is getting cooler and I get to pull out my warmer clothes! 🙂 I love layers!

    I love that the holidays are coming… and coming fast! It’s so fun to have so many great things to celebrate!

    I love spending time with my family and friends. 🙂

    I love my two sweet kids and their sweet smiles… and the way they light up around each other.

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