My Halloween-ish House












For many years, my Halloween decorations had their traditional places in my house–this one on the window sill and that one on the piano. You know how it works.  Then life changed and we moved a ton–4 times in as many years. If I could even find the decorations–they went wherever they would fit and sometimes that meant leaving them in the storage tubs altogether.

But this October, it was pretty dang fun to sort through Halloween tubs and decide what was mine and what would be better off living somewhere else.  One by one the decorations came out.  As I unwrapped them, each thing seemed to know right where it belonged. This one on the window sill and that one on the book shelf.

Almost like they were just waiting to finally get to this cute little house and help make it truly…


Those Silly Spooks

img_3706 img_3714 img_3717 img_3721

img_3704 img_3705 img_3711 img_3716 img_3719 img_3723 img_3725 img_3727 img_3728 img_3731 img_3732 img_3735 img_3736

Our sweet little Halloween party has evolved into an event of huge proportions. So much so that we have to meet at a place that is bigger than any of our houses are.  Pretty fun to see that all those little spooks from years ago, are just great big even crazier spooks nowadays–with a whole new generation of littles coming right along behind.

Ooooh, I love these people.

Gr Signature

Avatar Aang~ All Grown Up

Positively the best costume ever. Yesiree, now that cute little Avatar Aang is grown up and only seen in flashbacks and visions in the new series Legend of Korra, it only seemed fitting that The Bald Guy should pay just a bit of tribute to one of our favorite guys.


I mean, he has the bald head for it, and the beard…well, he’s been working on that for awhile now.


It turned out pretty darn perfect–if I do say so myself.  And perfect enough to win First Place in the costume contest at Ebay.


Yeah…that’s dang good.


Good match, wouldn’t you say?


After all, a guy’s gotta have the right “get up” if he’s gonna save the world.

Heh, heh, heh.

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THE Halloween Party

Princess, Knight, King Triton, Mermaid

My sister Laurie had her annual Halloween party and as always it was toooo much fun! I mean seriously–look who and what we had here~

Thing 1 and 2 and a Army guy

The guys watching the donut eating contest

All this for a donut?

Halloween Bark

Gorgeous Caramel Apples

The donut eating contest

A witch and her man

Witchy Fingers

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Glowing Pumpkins

Fall Foliage

The people and the party

The Goddess of Fertility

A Blessing in Disguise

Little Miss Muffet, Glinda and the Dread Pirate Roberts

The Shadows

Thanks Laurie and Mark. We had soooo much fun–like we always do.

Love you!

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