Yer a Wizard…Tarmac


Oh, my goodness. As October approached, I had a dilemma. What was little Tarmac going to be for Halloween?

At first I thought a ghost would be fun and easy. Easy yes, but pretty boring too. Then I wondered if a witch would be good. But this squirrel is a boy–so that was out.

Of course, the only thing to do was to make him a WIZARD–sparkly star cape and all!!

He even has a Trick or Treat bag full of Halloween squirrely goodies.

Yeah, yeah…lost my marbles. I know.

Sure having fun though.

Works for me.

“Paper” Chains

Oh, my goodness do I ever have a new LOVE!! I mean, seriously–just look at these cute little crocheted “paper” chains!!

Yeah, it started out innocently enough. I found the pattern for these red, white and blue ones and tweaked it in a few crucial places–as is my style–and we ended up with these pretties.

Then, try as I may, I couldn’t stop. They just kept coming and coming and coming. These “summer” ones looked more like Easter sooo, I finished them and put them downstairs in the box with all the baskets.

Then the quest for the perfect real Summer colors began and ended here. What do you think? I lovvvvve them. They just scream beaches, hot sun and ripe peaches.

Now, you would likely think that I’d be done by now but noooOOOooo. Considering my yarn stash is about nine miles wide–I have SUCH plans…

starting right here.

Heh, heh, heh.


The Halloween Tradition

Ahhh…such a happy tradition around here. Halloween just plain doesn’t work without these ooh-y, gooey Caramel Popcorn Balls.

I’m pretty sure all my kids like them, but I have this one daughter who says things like, “Yay! This is ALL I want at Halloween!” and “these are my absolute favorite!” She even texted me the other day with a crying face emoji and said the unthinkable, “I’m out of popcorn balls.”

Such a good, good daughter.

What some people know is that if you really, REALLY love one of my recipes and you make enough fuss about it–the likelihood that I’ll cook it for you goes waaaaay up.

You know what that means….

I guess I must desperately need constant, unbridled praise/adoration,


yes, I absolutely can be bought.

My Halloween-ish House




For many years, my Halloween decorations had their traditional places in my house–this one on the window sill and that one on the piano. You know how it works.  Then life changed and we moved a ton–4 times in as many years. If I could even find the decorations–they went wherever they would fit and sometimes that meant leaving them in the storage tubs altogether.

But this October, it was pretty dang fun to sort through Halloween tubs and decide what was mine and what would be better off living somewhere else.  One by one the decorations came out.  As I unwrapped them, each thing seemed to know right where it belonged. This one on the window sill and that one on the book shelf.

Almost like they were just waiting to finally get to this cute little house and help make it truly…


Those Silly Spooks



Our sweet little Halloween party has evolved into an event of huge proportions. So much so that we have to meet at a place that is bigger than any of our houses are.  Pretty fun to see that all those little spooks from years ago, are just great big even crazier spooks nowadays–with a whole new generation of littles coming right along behind.

Ooooh, I love these people.