Avatar Aang~ All Grown Up

Positively the best costume ever. Yesiree, now that cute little Avatar Aang is grown up and only seen in flashbacks and visions in the new series Legend of Korra, it only seemed fitting that The Bald Guy should pay just a bit of tribute to one of our favorite guys.


I mean, he has the bald head for it, and the beard…well, he’s been working on that for awhile now.


It turned out pretty darn perfect–if I do say so myself.  And perfect enough to win First Place in the costume contest at Ebay.


Yeah…that’s dang good.


Good match, wouldn’t you say?


After all, a guy’s gotta have the right “get up” if he’s gonna save the world.

Heh, heh, heh.

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THE Halloween Party

My sister Laurie had her annual Halloween party and as always it was toooo much fun! I mean seriously–look who and what we had here~

Thing 1 and 2 and a Army guy
The guys watching the donut eating contest

The donut eating contest.

Halloween Bark.

Gorgeous Caramel Apples
The donut eating contest
A witch and her man
Witchy Fingers
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Glowing Pumpkins
Fall Foliage

 The People and the party.

The Goddess of Fertility
A Blessing in Disguise
Little Miss Muffet, Glinda and the Dread Pirate Roberts
The Shadows

Thanks Laurie and Mark. We had soooo much fun–like we always do.

Love you!

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The Witches Breakfast

Ah, yes. The “witch is in,” indeed. Hee, hee.

Last week, we took the kids up to Gardner Village–all dressed in Halloween garb–for the annual Witch’s Breakfast. Here we have Miss Lily the mermaid…

and Sir Beckham the king’s knight.

The place was decorated with pumpkins and ghouls…


and more pumpkins.

We walked around for awhile to take it all in until we were greeted by–

this candy corn witch. I’m sure that wasn’t her name…


but it easily could have been.

I loved her highly edible hat too.

We stepped into the dining room…

and went through the breakfast buffet line for our fabulously scrumptious food. YUM!!

We enjoyed the food and the entertainment–

singing and dancing witches who came right to our table.

and signed autographs.


And then again, there was the food.

and the witches…


and Batman…

who, of course makes everything perfect.

Things I’m Loving…

right this minute…

Pumpkins! They’re everywhere and I adore them. Normally, we have a bunch in our garden, and then on our porch, but our garden this year…now there’s a sad story. So I deeply appreciate all the folks who are stepping up and decorating the town with those lovely, autumn pumpkins. I’m sure they’re doing it just for me.  Heh, heh.

Seeing that sweet little friends can easily turn into family. I can’t wait to see all these pretty kids in 10 years!

Collecting fun stuff for our next big movie party that I’m not allowed to advertise.

Email me if you’d like the details.  :}

Pretty little knotted bracelets for the same event. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

Watching handsome old Tom Brady play a great game of football, even if they…



Finding another picture of my “dream house” and wondering if it only exists on a Thomas Kincade calendar page.

A little dude with some new toothies to go with that fabulous naturally pokey hair.

Reorganizing my cotton yarn stash so that every time I walk past, it makes me smile.  :}

A new pile of Autumn books to read to the kiddos, from Scholastic Book orders. Those papers are soooo dangerous in my hands. Seriously, how can anyone resist all these cool books?

Finding the perfect place for a pile of acorns that we found at the park.

Oh, I just LOVE this time of year.

Don’t you?