Four Week Chickies


Look how big these pretty girls are getting! Wing feathers on Goldie…


and pretty back feathers on Ruby.


Chickoletta’s beak is growing longer too.


Little Masha’s is still small and pokey. She is turning out to be the baby of the crowd–just staying a bit smaller than the rest–but ohhh so sweet.


And weird old Jiffy–still doesn’t seem to care.

I’ve been telling her they are baby bull dogs and she just has no interest in them.

She hasn’t caught on yet.

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Meeting The Kids


Of course, I wasn’t the only one who was excited at taking this first step…


into…ahem…farm life. ¬†Wee step, though it is.


The kids have all taken turns coming over to snuggle…


and hold…


and stare at…


and hold–some more–these pretty babies. I truly have dreamed of being this kind of Grammy.


So my little sweethearts could come over and have a good, old, earthy, relaxing time with dear little animals. If I had more room–there’d be a cow and a couple of goats in the back too.


This’ll do for now.

This’ll do, indeed.

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A Motivated Girlie


The other day Miss Chompy drew a picture for me.


It was a very important picture, this one. She told me that I should hang it up so that Jiffy and I would never forget.


We’ll remember, Chompy.


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That Girl


Oh, she’s a funny one, this girl.

She’s shy and quiet and timid and apprehensive and skittish and jumpy and aloof and bored…until…

someone sits down at the computer.


Then she will force her way between whomever it is and the keyboard and just stand there…in the way. You can’t really see the screen with a cat in your face and you certainly can’t type with a furry body standing between your arms and you absolutely can’t concentrate with a kitty head nudging into your chin every 10 seconds or so.

The funny part is that she is thrilled with the whole set up. In fact, I’m quite sure that she wonders what my problem is. I can almost hear her saying in her breathy, girlie feline voice, “Oh, don’t mind me. Just keep doing whatever it was that you were doing. I’m completely comfortable.”


And why shouldn’t she be?

She runs the place.