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In preparation for Mother’s Day–I’ve been thinking about some of the movie moms that have really struck a cord with me.Ā  So, for the past few days—I’ve been making a list of some of my favorites. Now, I’m not trying to convince you to like a movie or a character–just because I do, but I’m curious to see if any of you feel the same about some of these moms. I’ve also noticed a common thread in many of these ladies, and that is, that they are positively ferocious if someone messes with their child. I guess I like that a lot. I’ve even added a couple of clips—so be sure to click on the links.

My Top Mother’s Day Movies


August Rush

Baby Boom

Freaky Friday

Dear Frankie

Steel Magnolias

The Incredibles

Step Mom

Safe Passage

Flight Plan

River Wild”

Blossoms in the Dust

I hope you’ll pick at least one of these movie from your stash or from Blockbuster and watch it before the big day. It will really get the mom vibes working.

Let me know if you have any favorite moms in the movies that I’ve missed. Please–please comment below. It’s the only way I know I’m not on the planet alone.

If you want to find out just what movie mom is most like you—take the quiz below.

Which movie mom are you?

7 Replies to “My Kind of Mom”

  1. I took the quiz and somehow managed to be like Helen Paar from “The Incredibles” I am totally ok with that. I like that she even shows she has frazzled days!

  2. I too am Helen Paar (Elastigirl). But then it said that 71% of participants were also her. I just wish I really was her.

    I have only seen a couple of the movies that you listed. I rarely go to the movies & when we watch DVD’s, it is usually guys flicks since I live in a household of guys.

  3. Tied for Helen Parr and J.C. Wiatt. Only 17% of users are like me… so probably all the single ladies taking the quiz šŸ™‚

  4. I got J C Wiatt too! I’m not single though… sooo it must just be us! šŸ˜‰

    This is a fun list of movies Mom! šŸ™‚ Time is going sooo fast! I hope that you have a great Mother’s Day! Let’s plan your favorite yummy-ness to eat, and what fun prizes you want! šŸ˜‰ OHhhh… and you get to talk to Dane soon! šŸ™‚ YAHOO!!!

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  6. I love Maria Vontrap from the Sound of Music. She mothers those children long before she is their mother. I just love how she listens to them and allows them to be children.

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