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I have had so many people–friends, family, blog pals, and total strangers—ask me, “Who does your blog?” I suppose, if they know me at all, they are well aware that I am utterly baffled by the TV remote and all it’s ridiculous buttons. That being the case,  it isn’t likely I’ve tackled HTML or blog design in the last few months. Hardly.  If there is any cleverness in me, it lies in the fact that I know when to let a professional handle something—especially when that professional is my own daughter.
Which leads me to my next exciting announcement. April’s new blog design site, Sassyfruit is finally up and running. Check it out. I think you’ll be amazed at the talent and versatility of this gal, which is good news for you if you’ve ever wanted your blog to really sparkle. So, to celebrate her grand opening she’s sponsoring a fantastic giveaway.


Sassyfruit is offering a free custom blogger background and header —a $65 value—to one lucky winner.

To enter the giveaway click Sass and follow the simple directions. Once you’ve done that, come back here to Gracious Rain, and make a comment, and you’ll receive another entry.

Oh, and Sassy Fruit is offering a 15% discount to Gracious Rain readers until May 15, 2009. Just mention Gracious Rain when you contact her to start the design process.


Good luck, everyone!

10 Replies to “Sassyfruit Studios”

  1. I went there immediately, are you kidding, a chance to be cool – I wanted to be the first in line. But a little message said something about it being down or not accepting my comment (I promise it was appropriate). Help – I have to be entered.

  2. I tried again and the message is “posting has been closed for time being”. I’ll check back.

  3. Does the little alert mean I could possibly have 2 extra chances? please please please please please!

  4. Great site! I have already asked April to design my baby announcements. She would do MUCH better than anything I would attempt.

  5. Wahoo! I’m excited for this site to finally be up and running. There is SO much potential for awesomeness coming to mind 😉

  6. Oh, April’s site is super cool and fun!!! I love it. I wish her the best of luck and hope that I might win the giveaway because I have looked for a background to fit my Dots and Clovers blog… and it does not exist as far as I can find. I wish her luck and will tell people about her.

  7. Alyna told me about your blog and it looks great! April has a lot of talent. I hope I win her giveaway! I’ll have to keep checking back in on your blog to see what you’re up to.

  8. Hey, I talked about both your blog and April’s website and the giveaway on my blog!! I’m telling everyone!! So I hope it helps!! And maybe helps me to win that drawing!! Woot! Have a wonderful day!!!

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