A Good Daughter…Gone Bad?

July 3 002

Several weeks ago, my sweet Jillian packed up and took off to New York, and promptly became a bad guy.

Copy of DSC01782

Oh, she was excited about it, all right.

Hobart College

She was very stalwart to call us as soon as she arrived and was shown to her room at the 100 year old Hobart College.

Soon after, she broke the news.

“Mom,” she said, “I’m a Harvest Dancer.”

“That’s nice, dear,” I said.

“And…” she said, “a non-believer bad guy.”


She sounded disturbingly…happy.

I tried to stay calm–but it was tough. After all, this is my Jillian we are talking about. What on earth would she know about being a bad guy?


A few days later, she sent us pictures of the Hill Cumorah that she will be running up and down for weeks–carrying her spooky torch…because, as I said, she is a bad guy, and bad guys carry torches…apparently. Who knew?

HC Pageant

Here’s part of the Hill Cumorah Pageant set where she will be her old bad guy self–you know, trying to stone ancient prophets–that sort of thing–(I assure you, she was raised better than this) while the good guys run around trying to get the wicked people to behave themselves.

The redeeming news is that apparently towards the end my girl has a change of heart and decides to become a “believer” after all.

That was close.

Jillian the non-believer

You know, it’s funny…

She still looks like my sweet Jillian.


4 Replies to “A Good Daughter…Gone Bad?”

  1. They must’ve wanted to rEEEally put her acting to the test!!! πŸ˜‰ She doesn’t really come by “bad” naturally! πŸ™‚

    I’m sooo glad that she decided to do the pageant… sooo exciting!!! πŸ™‚

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