Road Trip Treasures

Took a little road trip the other day with some of the kidlets. We visited–and fell in love with so many cute shops along the way. That’s always the best part of adventures like this–the serendipitous goodies that insist on coming home with us.

June 23 003

Found an adorable “bubble” pattern for the baby chickies. That’ll be coming soon.

June 23 004

Discovered some pre-punched baby bibs–one for each baby. All I have to do is trim around them and crochet some scallops or somthing. I’ve never tried it before–so this could get interesting. I’m game. If it’s ugly–I don’t have to show you. ha!

June 23 005

This is a quilt pattern that I’m sure will look so much better in prettier colors. Of course, since I’ve never made a quilt–perhaps it will actually look better if I get someone else to make it. haha

June 23 006

Found these sweet little file folders in the close-out corner in a tiny fabric shop–while I was wandering around…touching stuff.

June 23 007

This is a felt pattern for holiday felting. Sorry the picture is blurry. I’m sure it’s because I was so excited to show this to you–I couldn’t hold still. Don’t you just love Christmas stuff?

June 23 008

This should help with my SQDD. You know…Severe Quilting Dysfunction Disorder. If not–oh well. It was only 50 cents.

June 23 009

Last and certainly best–we found a used bookstore that had a huge 1/2 off sign in the window. Ohhhh…game over. The bald kid and I nearly got lost–never to be seen again. The titles are a bit blurry–camera hands trembling with joy again, no doubt.  We found both volumes of “Sherlock Holmes”–by Doyle, “Ruby Holler” by Creech, “Esperanza Rising” by Ryan, “The Dark is Rising” by Cooper, “Peter Pan” (our next Family Book Club Choice) by Barrie, and “The St. Nicholas Anthology,”–by a huge raft of famous writer’s. Summer could be over tomorrow and I’d still be happy. New stuff. Old stuff. Cool stuff.

I’d put it all away, but I just have to leave it stacked up for a while…you know…

so that every time I walk past…

I can stare at all my treasures–

and giggle.




Week #18 Food Storage Prompt: 10lbs. sugar

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  1. I forgot that you got those cute bib patterns! 🙂 It will be fun to see what you do with them!

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