Harry Potter and the Family of Wack

No, no…it’s not the newest Harry Potter book.

The “Family of Wack” well,

that would be…

Lyndi3 098Miss Sybil Trelawney


LyndiRandom 020Harry’s Birthday Celebration

Yeah. We really get into this sort of thing.

Lyndi3 107Border’s Midnight Book Release

The crowds…

Lyndi3 104Professor Dumbledore

the costumes…

Lyndi3 097


even the scary guys…

Lyndi3 096Scera Theater Midnight Showing

and believe it or not–the lines turn out to be an event.

Yes, a new Harry Potter movie is coming out–TODAY and quite frankly, I keep forgetting which number this one even is.

Lyndi3 106Professor’s Sprout and the Mandrake

But seriously, who cares? Life is more interesting and fun where there’s something to look forward to. In fact, by the time you read this–we will have already stood in line and caught the show with all the other Harry Potter Wack-jobs.

Our only defense…

Lyndi3 100

we love this stuff!

9 Replies to “Harry Potter and the Family of Wack”

  1. We won’t see it til it comes out on DVD. No one has the time or energy to watch my 3 girls! 😉 What did you do with the babies?

  2. Sadly, Lyndi and Nate didn’t go–because Keni would have been frightened and she’s still a bit young to be left with a sitter. We did a 6:30am showing so that Jacob’s mom could come stay with their sleepy babies.

    By the way–it was fabulous. What a show. I bawled through the whole thing. I was a wreck.

  3. I’m excited to see this movie… even though it took FOREVER to come out!!! I’ve got to get back into Harry Potter mode… since I’ve had Twilight on my brain lately!!!

    I think you’re right though… we are wack!

  4. so who is Nate supposed to be? from his expressions its like he is thinking “what did I get myself into with this family?”

  5. Hey I know that guy with your cute daughter. Is that her hubby? Isn’t his name … shoot, I just lost it! Nate?

  6. Melissa–Nate is suppose to be the guy getting his palm read. I’m sure he thinks, “What the Heck?” all the time!

  7. Angela—That’s funny that you know our Nate. My Lyndi knows your husband from High School. How do you know Nate?

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