New York~Upstate

Day 1

We have arrived. Lucky for us–we began our trip with Rochester, New York–rather than the big city right off the bat. We more rural-types have to take these things in small steps you know.

July 16 052

Purple luggage helps…it does. It’s very calming to the soul–not to mention easy to find at the baggage claim. So–we jumped in our rental cars and headed out. But wait…

July 16 055

What is this odd looking fixture? I was informed that in New York, you have to pay to drive on some of the roads. Whaaaat? Toll booths. I think I’ve seen them on CSI Miami once. Hmmm…sounds like a racket to me.

July 16 057

And they kept popping up all over the place. One would give us a card and the next one would charge us money. I couldn’t keep track of it.

July 16 058

Toll booths aside, we drove and drove and drove until we reached our destination—Palmyra, New York.

July 16 065

After sifting through some shifty looking characters we finally found my little Nephite—or rather…

July 16 066

she found us!

July 16 069

The pageant was beautiful, averaging 9000 viewers each night for two weeks straight.  Tomorrow Jillian promises to show us behind the scenes of this amazing production.

July 16 064

She really made a beautiful bad guy.

I believe we’ll keep her.

4 Replies to “New York~Upstate”

  1. Isn’t the pageant fantastic? I saw it when I was like 8 or 9 and I still remember how I felt when I saw it!

  2. It really is such a good thing Kathy. I love how it describes the scenes from the Book of Mormon in such a simple way. It is definitely another testament of Jesus Christ. I love it!

  3. And you didn’t believe me when I said it was water! 😉

    Upstate New York is sooo completly beautiful!!! I am SOOO sooo SOOO glad that we were able to see so much of the state!

    I’m already starting another list of places we need to go when we go back! 🙂

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