My Brave Beany


I’ve posted many times in the last few years about Mr. Beany and his adventures, and more particularly in the last few months–with his injured leg.  The vet told us that there wasn’t much that he could do other than give him antibiotics if it flared up occasionally. Then one day, he just happened to be laying a certain way and I got a real good look at the inside of his leg. The condition of his back right paw had definitely taken a turn for the worse.


I took him to the vet again. After examining him, he came out to me and said, “You know…Beany is very, very old…” I knew what he was about to say but I couldn’t let him. I held up one finger and managed to say, “Just don’t.”

Then I started to cry.

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The decision was made to relieve Beany of the burden of that terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad…



When the doctor told me that Beany might not even make it through the surgery–I said, “Then that will be the Lord’s decision, not mine. At least he’ll go knowing that I was trying to help. He deserves that.”

So, I held him on my lap and talked to him for awhile. He seemed to get that I was sad and worried but that I love this old silly cat so darn much. I handed him over to the nurse and slowly walked to my car. I kept thinking how strange it would be to not have Beany anymore…if something were to happen to him. I sat in the car and bawled for awhile, then drove home.

The next evening at about 5:30 pm I finally spoke to the doctor. He said, “That is one tough cat.” Good, good news. My cute little tough-guy cat was apparently much sicker than we had thought. In fact, he had a fever going into surgery, but the second that angry leg was gone his temperature dropped down to normal.

Long story, short– this cat is a champ and he did beautifully…


and we got to bring him home the next day–Saturday night. Look how swollen his paw was from the IV.

Now some of these pictures are graphic so if you have a tender stomach, you might want to stop here. If you’re very brave…you’re welcome to continue on.


We’ve had to give him several kinds of nasty medicine and a pill a couple times a day. Not too fun, but he’s a terrific sport.

This is Beany boy sitting up like nothing ever happened…


the day after surgery. Sorry, I know it’s pretty graphic, but I’m just amazed at him just carrying on like it’s any other day, except that he’s missing a leg.

This nutty guy has already jumped up on my bed and back down a couple times. He follows me around and lays on the floor by me wherever I am–like he’s just glad to be here…with us.

Oh, me too Bean.

Thanks for sticking around.

I’m not really ready for the world without you.


7 Replies to “My Brave Beany”

  1. go Beany! That made me cry! I know what its like to lose animals- they are just like our kids- glad he decided to stick around! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful handsome boy! It must have been hard to say, “I know it’s tough, I know he’s old, but do it anyway… I’ll be here for him.” So many people would have given up. You did the right thing! I admire his spirit and yours. Thank you for sharing this <3

  3. He is tough, and so cute. He was just ready to snuggle up the other day. What a good cat. He know’s you love him too. 😀

  4. I am so glad for both of you. I’ve been worried about you and thankful you’ve been given what you need.

  5. I’m glad he’s doing all right. A few years ago our dog was having trouble and she’s quite old too. She had to have surgery and we didn’t know if she’d last through it. Thankfully, she did. Our pets sure can surprise us and so glad for a loving Heavenly Father to help us through it all. 😛

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