Rapunzel Repurposed


Miss Chompy made a tower out of the kid’s ancient Duplo Blocks and put a happy little lady inside. She thought about it for a few minutes and said, “Hey, she’s like Rapunzel…only with not good hair.”

Hmmmm….let me just put on my Crafty-Grammy cap, I thought. So I cut a long strip from a plastic grocery bag…tied a few knots…


and snapped it in just below Rapunzel’s window, in the back.


Next, Chompy stuffed all that “hair” into the room with the girlie…




Instant. Repurposed. Princess.

Grammy of the year award…



3 Replies to “Rapunzel Repurposed”

  1. You’re an awesome Grammy alright! 🙂

    She loves having Rapunzel’s hair come tumbling out of the tower… especially when she pretends that it all lands on Flynn Rider. 😉

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