Little Miss No Name

As some of you may remember–I’ve written many posts about my childhood dolls because I was just crazy about them and even gave a prize if someone could name them all. Yesiree–I was totally in love with dolls. In fact, I used to believe that as soon as I fell asleep at night, they all came to life and played in my room with the other toys.

One year I saw a commercial for a doll that was really, really…um…not very pretty. Actually she was positively scary looking. But in my nine year old mind I was convinced that no one on earth would ever buy her or ask for her for Christmas–and that made me very sad–indeed.

The idea of her sitting for a million years in a toy store with no one ever taking her home made me sick. I thought about it and thought about it and came to the conclusion that the only Christian thing to do was to ask for her for my own birthday so she could finally have a home and I could give the poor thing some love. It would change her life–I knew it!

My mom asked me over and over if I was sure she was the doll I really wanted–and over and over I said, “She’s the only one I want.”

So Little Miss No Name is exactly what I got. I loved her and changed her clothes and put her hair in pony tails but no matter how hard I tried, she still made that same sad face. I decided that giving her a good home was the least I could do even if it never really made her happy.

I’ve kept her all these years and never had a minute of regret over choosing the poor little wretched thing. That is, until my brother’s mean old friend told me that my sweet, humanitarian-service-project-of-a-doll looked exactly…




How do these things happen?

Before you judge me too harshly, check out the most emotionally manipulative commercial on the planet.

Little Miss No Name

Little Miss No Name


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  1. She does not look like you! I think you must have been a sweet little girl to think so hard about the need for her to be loved. You had (and still have) a tender heart.

  2. That doll gives me the creeps. You do not. Therefore you are NOT the same! ‘Nuff said!

  3. I know this story and I’m STILL laughing right out loud! Ha ha ha! You have a big heart… and you’re, uh, brave to sleep with her in your room. 😉

    I think if she wasn’t made of plastic and HAD to keep that look on her face, you definitely would have made her smile! 😀

  4. LOL!! Thats so funny reading the story, the doll is a little out there but when kids are little you never know what they will or will not like. My daughter used to love watching the Jason vs. Freddy movie when she was about 2 years old…now that she is 7, she screams just hearing the music off of the “freddy” movies.

  5. I got Little Miss No Name for Christmas when I was 5. I was upset that I didn’t get a cuddly, cute doll. She was scary and not very loveable. LMNN turned out to be the doll all my other dolls made fun of and teased. I still have her with the same dress.

  6. I think that you’re both super cute!
    I want a Little Miss No Name doll, but they’re like super expensive to be in mint-in-the-box condition; especially with the original tear.
    I don’t know why’s everyone thinks she’s so creepy, if she was a real child, think of how she would feel 😥
    You were very adorable as a child, and Little Miss No Name was a child as well, she was meant to be Ike a beggar child, so don’t be so criticizing.
    I want one so bad,mi would so sleep with her, Cuddling her, giving her a home like it says in her little poem <3
    I'm happy that you were a good child and thought of her as feeling alone.
    I think everyone should be like that.

  7. This is really weird, but I remember when I was about 7, I had a green shirt with a embroidery on it. My grandmother did it. I never had blonde hair how ever. I never had the really sad frown. But I saw photographs of like lindsay latohan looking like that

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