Christmas Dolls

Did you have a favorite Christmas doll when you were young? Do you still remember when you first saw it under the Christmas tree?

Some of the memories of Christmas morning are so vivid to me that I swear I can still smell that new plastic whenever I see the pictures.

Oh, I remember the tinsel sparkling in the darkness as we tiptoed into the front room–long before we were suppose to. There seemed to be a tangible feeling of fresh magic just moments after Santa had left, enough magic in fact to make two covert children feel positively sick and shaky with excitement.

Then, finally, finally–when we were officially allowed to get up and the lights were turned on—oh…it took our breath away. Complete enchantment!

And even though I am many decades away from those days–I still have many Christmas morning reminders around me.

For years I kept some of my favorite dolls–from ancient days–in boxes in the basement or garage, never quite willing to give them away or give them up.

So a couple of years ago, I thought about those dolls and how rotten it must be for them to be stuffed away in those boxes. Don’t get me started on whether or not toys are alive–I’ll take you down.

ANYWAY–I took the dolls out, cleaned them up and now they decorate my room.Ā  When I wake up each day it’s like I’m reliving 15 Christmas mornings all scooped up into one.

Presents 020

After all these years, I’ve come to the realization that growing up is highly overrated…and in my case–

entirely unnecessary.

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  1. Sadly, I don’t remember very many childhood Christmas’s. I don’t even think I got dolls, not really that kind of girl. However, I vaguely remember when I got my Barbie dream house it was a shared gift for my sister and me. We woke up at 5 am (the allowed time) and ran down the stairs. It was the biggest present of all. My poor dream house only lasted 2 years with us then we donated it to goodwill so some other little girl could love it as much as we did.

  2. I remember Christmas morning magic… just like you’ve described! I think it’s sprinkled across the morning, no matter what role you play in the event! šŸ™‚ I just love it!

    I know I got dolls for Christmas… I still have some of my sweet little Cabbage Patch Dolls! I remember lots of fun gifts though… all special because of the love and magic involved with Christmas!

  3. I remember filling that big doll carriage with toys and having my mom take it to a family that we knew. That had a magic all it’s own too.

  4. I was a doll nut I guess and so I tried real hard to pass that–or maybe a better word is “shove” that on my children.
    ~sigh~ :] Oh, well. Way to go having a sweet dolly of your own that we can all play with!

  5. I think “my” favorite Christmas doll was actually the one that I gave to you, not one that I received. The Kirsten doll was something I saved up for from babysitting money. Besides being all tricky and not having anyone in the family know about it (Sister Stout was my partner in crime), it was also the first time that I went into the front room before anyone else did. I put the doll in there so it could be a surprise to everyone–but especially for you. While it took a minute for you to realize that there was something for you in the room, it was priceless to see the look on your face. Made it all worth it to me šŸ™‚ Thanks for that.

  6. I still have my Kissy doll, at least I think that is what she was called. When you push her hands together, her lips pucker and she really kisses. She’s pretty tall too, I haven’t had her out of the box in many years maybe I need to find her and remember a bit. I also have a doll whose hair grows when you push a button on her tummy – she had fancy teenage type clothes and I loved styling her ever changing hair. But my most favorite and cherished are my Madame Alexander dolls. I started getting them when I quit getting baby dolls – haven’t had one in a very long time but they each have a special story or were given because of a specific event. Wish I had a place to display them so I could enjoy them more.

  7. I still have my cabbage patch dolls and I have actually passed them on to my daughter to play with. I never imagined when I was growing up and playing with those dolls that I would keep them long enough to give to my own daughter one day.

  8. I have a similar story. I’ll post it up one of these days. I haven’t cleaned up my doll though. I should. :o)

  9. That IS what she was called. In fact, I wanted one of those when I was a kid too. Alas, I never did get one. So, a couple of years ago, I found one on Ebay. Hee hee. She is right on the shelf with the others now. Do you still have her?

    By the way–I hope you are home and safe. We have a bag of stuffing with your name on it.
    No kidding.

  10. Ohhhh the Cabbage Patch era was so good for my mommy heart! My girls and even one of my boys had several of them. I can still remember the funny little names…Fabian Ellis…Kirby Bruce…Alora Dawn…
    I found one once that was dressed in a kilt and I carried it around for an hour…then put it back. My family is from Scotland and so I’ve always regretted not just getting it.

    But there’s always EBAY!! hee hee…

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