Can You Name That Doll?

I triple-dog dare you.

Name as many as you can. The person who guesses the most dolly names right…

will win a prize…

something good.

Ain’t saying what…just yet…but…

you’ll like it.

We’ll keep taking guesses until they are all named–or until Monday, May 31–whichever comes first.

I’ll let you know who the winner is– Tuesday June 1st at 10 am.

Do you know the names of any of them? Hint: Four out of five of them are from the 1960’s….



PS…Need some help? Try Googling “Dolls of the 60’s” and see what comes up.

17 Replies to “Can You Name That Doll?”

  1. Wrong!
    right…Kathy told you that.
    and WRONG!

    baby BLEACH hair?


    try again silly girl.

  2. They always say you should go with your gut feeling and my gut told me #1 is a Cupie doll so I thought I’d throw that in with original 2 for the heck of it. I know my first two are correct because I’m still lucky enough to have one of them.

  3. Ok, I’m counting on you my friend–to pull this off. Google “dolls of the 60’s” and see what you find. Come on–somebody needs to win this one.
    Oh, and #1 isn’t actually a Cupie doll…but you’ll find her if you look.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you–or anyone who cares about this one.


  4. I’m not sure of any of these but here is goes:

    1. ?
    2. Rainbow Brite
    3. Baby First Step
    4. Singing Chatty
    5. Betsy Wetsy

  5. Ok I’m changing 2 of my answers

    1. Little Lost Baby

    and 5 Pee Wee Baby Doll

  6. Okay, here we:

    l. Little Lost Baby
    2. Rainbow Brite
    3. Baby First Step
    4. Betsy Wetsy
    5. Bonnie Blue Eyes

  7. Somebody has guess 1-4 correctly..but #5 is still stumping everyone. So, go through the comments and decide who has it right. THEN somebody go to: and look around a bit.
    I really want somebody to get this one…even if we have to wait past the original deadline…which I’m perfectly willing to do.

    Fingers crossed for you all.
    One more hint…I never had a Betsy Wetsy doll…but it has been named already earlier.

  8. ok, now if you’ll just correct number 4—then you’ll have it
    Hint, hint–it’s already been guessed correctly in this comment section.

    go! go!

  9. Okay….final answer 🙂

    1. Little lost baby
    2. Rainbow Brite
    3. Baby first step
    4. Kissy
    5. Real live Lucy


  10. WAHOOOOOO! You’ve got it!!

    Congratulations my friend!!

    I’ll announce your magnamonious prize in the morning!!


    :} :] :> :} :] :> !!

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