The winner of our “One Thousand” Day Giveaway will receive: the book “One Thousand Gifts….

a one thousand piece Springbok puzzle…


a slightly over 1000 piece goodie pack of a few of my favorite indulgences. Yes, yes–it’s ridiculous, I know. But I never promised you sanity–did I?

And our illustrious, and very thankful winner is…….


Teresa Baker!!


Teresa Baker says:

“thankful for yard sales that make money for missions trips”


Congratulations Teresa!

Thank you everyone else for participating in our “1000 Day” Thankful Giveaway. This was so dang fun that I’m already planning the next one–so stay thankful and stay tuned!

4 Replies to “Winner!!”

  1. Launi you’re great for having this post, it’s been fun, and I still have to add a ‘I’m thankful for’ comment…….
    I’m thankful for ALL the people who shared what they’re thankful for!! 🙂
    I enjoyed reading them all.
    Congrats Teresa! If that’s a picture of the actual puzzle then I bet it’ll be a dilly to do….have fun!!

  2. I’ve decided that I’d love to do this again–soon–because I have LOVED reading them all as well. We actually got the best response from this giveaway that we’ve ever had–so obviously it’s a good thing. Plus, now we have tons more for the Gratitude List tab. So fun.

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