I’m Thinking…

that you can never get enough kissy lips stick-ons.

that sweet little samples are the best–especially when they come from one of our sponsors, like Sarah Naturals. Check it out–Rose Face Cream- for sensitive skin, Calendula Ointment for rashes and wounds, and licorice lip balm—ummmm…heavenly I tell you.

that it’s probably too late to plant this stuff already. Am I right? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?…..Bueller?

that somebody over at the Cadbury kitchen is a genius…again.

that you can improve the entire molecular structure of a ham sandwich by simply adding pickles.

that anyone clever enough to take a nice, non-blurry picture of their own favorite pink snow boots really should be called a “big girl”


that this dude’s letter writing skills are very good for a weepy mama’s heart–and at least he doesn’t fold the pictures in half…anymore.  Silly boy.   :+

that I might just have my two year supply of  Hello Kitty stickers with which to decorate the above Dude’s letters.

Hey, he likes it.

that the new improved Strawberry Shortcake is growing on me–but I admit, I do miss the pretty little dresses she used to wear.

that my Navy-man Daddy would absolutely faint if he saw what we’re nibbling on around here–not because we have no choice–but just for fun!

that little kids with kind, sweet Uncles are lucky souls…




3 Replies to “I’m Thinking…”

  1. I saw those crackers at the store. Are they any good? I love the lips pictures. I think those little ones love their Uncle.

  2. Those are some good thoughts! 😉

    If the weather would act like we were supposed to plant ANYthing it would really help.

    Baby Chomp is lucky to have an Uncle Dane! 🙂

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