Kitty Feet

A zillion years ago, when I turned 12, my cute little daddy made me this pretty cake for my birthday.  At the time, we had just dealt with my cat stepping on one of his cakes. We had no idea how it happened, but there it was–the paw print smushing into one discreet corner of the thing. It was a fiasco and he had to make a whole new cake. Oooohh…he was mad.  I even thought that maybe…maybe, my kitty loving days were coming to an end.

A week or so later, when he’d cooled off, he made this cake for my birthday. Oh, do please note the kitty footprints all around the edges.

It was an incredibly sweet thing to do…considering.

I’ve hung on to that silly green kitten for all these millions of years because every time I put it in a giveaway box, or go to throw it out, I remember my funny dad making that cake to show that he wasn’t mad at me or my cats anymore…

and I can’t do it.

Pretty sure anything that feels like that sort of love…

is worth holding on to.

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  1. I had NO idea that’s where that kitty came from!!! I love it! Now it makes sense why it’s still around! Grandpa is AWESOME!!!

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