Speaking of Vampires…

Look what the family Book Group is reading nowDracula. Yikes.

If you haven’t read this chilly little novel–and who in their right mind would?–then you don’t know. It is incredibly creepy for a ancient classic, so of course the bald kid picked it.

Seriously, while read this–I was shaky before the original bat-man even came on the scene–so how will I ever survive long enough to get allll the way…


Chapter Two?

Makes one want to run…

for the cover…



heh, heh…that was a good one.

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  1. very nice!
    FYI- I am having a going away party this Friday night from 7-10 at my apt. You should come. All your family is invited. I have loved spending time with you guys. Don’t worry, I will keep up with your blog!

  2. I totally didn’t expect to, but I loved Dracula. Fascinating story, really respectable (And deplorable) characters. Keep reading! (You only have a few days left, you know.)

  3. Dracula is a great book, but you are right, it is true horror. Twilight is more like a fantasy book and doesn’t get near as scarey! Maybe you could sneak a twilight book inside the dracula book and no one will know what you are really reading! 🙂

  4. I think I will pass on the book. Now the movie thing I am going to. How much for the party beforehand. I am kind of stuck on Book 2 of Wheel of Time. I have no idea why. It is a good book, just slow at reading it.

  5. Dracula really is a fun read. Much more entertaining than I expected, and yes, it is creepy. I’m almost halfway through “The Historian” which was suggested to me as another fantastic Dracula/Vampire themed book. So far it is fantastic. Keep reading, the Book Club discussion are so much more fun, when you’ve read the book. Plus, my impression from the four book clubbers who have read it, is that they’ve all been “pleasantly” surprised by it.

  6. The party is free. There will be vendors like Sweet Tooth Fairy and Rocky Mountain Chocolate–if you want to buy treats. You’ll also be able to get dinner at Pirate Island for about $10-12–if you want. None of it is mandatory though.

  7. I’m nearly finished with chapter 2. Seriously, Harker’s descriptions are so vivid it makes me shaky to read it. Kinda fun though in a sick way.


  8. When I read Twilight I was expecting a good “Dracula” type book. WOW was I wrong!! I love good scary action packed books without a lot of fluff. I’m just not a fluffy girl at all.

  9. Well, then you better read this one. So far, it’s low on action but still very, very chilling. I’m only on chapter 2 though and before I’m done, it’s going to get crazy…so says the family of faster readers.

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