Harry Potter Fans

At first glance, this might look like a big jumble of clutter to you. But if you look more closely…

you’d realize that these are actually the dozens, and dozens, AND dozens of prizes…

we are collecting from local vendors, handmade shops and artisans from all over the United States…

and from as far away as Canada, England, Hong Kong, and Europe. And that’s not to mention some pretty fabulous involvement from some of our local favorites like Hale Center Theater and Sweet Tooth Fairy. It’s all to celebrate the premiere of Harry Potter 7, The Deathly Hallows–on November 18-19.

People have been so good to us donating lovely gifts for our audience.

Check out this amazing “Butterbeer Gift Basket” from Chica And Jo

and these fabulous T-shirts and Hoodies  from Quantum Leaper X…

and this incredible wood burned treasure box, sent all the way from Hungary and Bacon Factory. And the best part is–there are more prizes coming in every day. {Insert squeal of delight here}

So, as much as I’d love to stay and chat–I need to run…

I’ve got to check the mail. hee hee.


1} If you will be anywhere near Orem, Utah on November 18-19 and would like to come to our Magical Pre-Show Bash and Harry Potter midnight movie premiere, please, please let us know ASAP–as there are just a few seats left, and we’d LOVE to fill them with you–our friends.

2}If you know of any person, shop or business that would like to be part of our event giveaway promo, there is still time to join the fun.

Either way–contact me at LauniKAnderson@gmail.com for the easy info.

Hope you’ll join us–we can hardly wait!

6 Replies to “Harry Potter Fans”

  1. We are counting the days down at our house. We are having a hard time waiting!!
    Thanks for all your hard work asking and gathering!!!

  2. Is it bad that we are counting down the days until Harry Potter…oh ya and then we’ll have a baby the next Monday.

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