Happy Birthday Harry Potter!!


Hard to believe, but today marks Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. How is that even possible?! We’ve never enjoyed a series of books, as a family, quite like the Harry Potter series. And certainly, I’ve never watched the same series of movies over and over and OVER again–like I have this one.

Perhaps, I’ll celebrate Harry’s Birthday by pulling the books off the shelf one more time.


Because, you know…there can never be too much magic for me.

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PS–Remember our Harry Potter movie parties? Oh, my goodness, how fun they were!! Let’s do it again–shall we?

Severus Forever

HP3-TRL-022C_rgb.jpg Film Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Those of you who know me, are most likely aware that I have a deep and ridiculous love for Severus Snape. Yeah…I know. You have your Valentine, and I’ll have mine.

But I’ve been crazy about this guy since waaay before he turned into one of the heroes of the whole wizarding world. Perhaps I have a deep seeded Bad Boy thing going on…I don’t know. But this picture here is what lit the torch. The second he instinctively threw his arms around the three kids–that he can’t stand–to protect them from the crazy old werewolf…oooh, I was a gonner. Pretty stuck on protective men. Incredibly attractive trait, even in a grumpy old wizard.

So, when someone, somewhere put together this recap of the life of Severus Snape from the beginning to the end…holy cow. Let’s just say that I had to put my make up on twice that day.

Perhaps I even bawled like a baby.

Rip Snape

Good thing I was alone.

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Being the blubbering Harry Potter junkie that I am–I wanted to show you this. It’s beautiful, especially if you’re a fan of the “Boy who lived”
like me.

I miss them.

In Case You Missed It

You’ll be pleased to learn that our Harry Potter Premier Party was a smashing success!

Witches, wizards, and muggles alike all gathered together for a fabulous evening of prizes, treats and all around magical fun.

If you’d like to see the official photos of the party–just click on this link and then click on “The Party.”   Or just go HERE.

Watch for more photos of the prizes in our giveaway stash and the cute little winners in the next few days. I’m hurrying–I’m hurrying. These things take time.   :}

What about you~~Have you seen Harry Potter 7.2 yet? Did you love it?