A Trip To Hogwarts

All these lucky ducks must have gotten their “letters” because they all got to go to HOGWARTS for Spring Break.

Kindly note who is not in these pictures. *Welp.* Alas, I wasn’t tough enough for all the walking that this trip would mean.

But the pictures soothed my whiney, ache-y heart. Would you look at THAT?! It’s the Hogwart’s Express! Who wouldn’t want to ride on that awesome thing?!!

And there she blows–just coming into view…

that mystical, magical Hogwart’s castle!! Isn’t it just beautiful?

They had lunch in Hogsmead…

…and even found good, old Hagrid’s house.

It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t go. I love magical, fanciful, whimsical places and things too much to be satisfied with a “fly by.” I would have wanted to stay for dayyyyyys and dayyyyyys…

and days.

My sweet boy brought back some awesome prizes for me though. These are Exploding Bon Bons. They were orange and pineapple flavored white chocolate with fizzy bits inside. Think Pop Rocks.

Of COURSE he brought home a Chocolate Frog!

I’d love to show you the whole, actual, chocolate frog…but something…ummm happened to it. ANYway…

…some lovely cards came with it too. So glad to have Dumbledore.

Ton-Tongue Toffee is probably my favorite. English Toffee with almonds on top. Yummo.

And now…to the dreadful part. Jelly Slugs?! Gag. The very idea is hideous.


we opened the box and this is how we found them. Doesn’t it look like they are trying to crawl out? Yak!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to taste them and good thing too. Everyone who did said they were disgusting. Honestly, what could you expect?!  Barf.

Ooooooh–a Dark Mark sucker!!! Spooky! We haven’t tried this one yet because it’s a gross and horrible thing and looks more spooky left in the package.

My very best prizes of all are the Love Potion and Felix Felicis Potion that he brought me. Hee heee! If you need any liquid luck, you know where to go.

What a ton of fun they had. SOME day, I’m determined to go myself. I will. I will.

And it will be simply magical.

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