For Another Day

Every year, in preparation for the holidays there are dozens of sewing bags or craft boxes or piles of yarn strewn throughout the house–so that no matter what else is going on, in the event that there is a spare moment–somewhere, the handmaking can continue, uninterrupted. I love it this way, because these particular hands are just too fidgety and restless to sit still for very long, without some purpose–any purpose.

But something interesting happened this year. There were the same stacks and piles and bags and yarn, all with a certain important project to be finished, but quite often, a little whispery voice would nudge me to just put it down…and so…quite often…I did.

True, the Babushka ornaments will have to wait another year to get their flowers…

the button trees are only partly put together…

the girls’ headbands are nearly finished…nearly…

and the cards never got sent at all.

I couldn’t find the laminating sheets for the nativity set…

and the snowflakes were never hung.

But in the end–there were the same smiles and giggles and hugs that come with the season– even without a few “vital” projects–that no one seemed to miss. And for me, the conscious decision to slow down, and be present and enjoy the moment with those faces I love–

turned out to be the greatest gift of all.

5 Replies to “For Another Day”

  1. Slowing down is good! I truly do enjoy your posts, and this one hit home, although, I gave up doing crafts years ago. I am thinking of taking it up again, but . . . we’ll have to see. Maybe you will inspire me. Thanks, Launi.

  2. I did miss getting a card from you – there’s always been one, but I like the perspective of “slowing down” because in my case I have seen it as giving up – not forever – I still have lots of projects planned for when things actually do slow down but who knows how long before that will happen 🙂 I think for all of us it’s doing what’s most important and having peace in knowing that.

  3. I love that you try so hard to make things for all of us, but I’m glad you didn’t let it freak you out, put you in rush mode or forget to savor everything. This way we’ll just have more fun days ahead when you do finish all those fun projects and we get to enjoy them… since Christmas was awesome enough! 🙂

    Love you!

  4. I’ve almost decided to start sending “New Year’s” cards–because it seems like it might cheer some folks up after the big day is past. Slowing down is never, ever giving up. It’s just giving yourself permission to make life work the best way for the circumstances. :}

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