To Become

Believe it or not, I’m an avid list maker. Lists about everything–to do, to make, to cook, to crochet, to try, to call, to buy, and to redo. If it can be listed, I’d be happy to do it. This fact, makes facing the New Year more fun because if something doesn’t get done–I’m more than happy to scoot it ahead to the next page…or next week…or month…well, you get the picture.

I do love how the New Year gives us all that gentle nudge to go beyond the ordinary task list, and make a few real-live, honest-to-goodness resolutions. This year, rather than things I’m determined to do, I’ve decided on a few things I’d like…

to become.

Therefore, in 2012, I resolve…

~to become more grateful for the health, happiness and family-life that I’m so lucky to share with those that I love, both human–see above

and feline.   :}

~to become more loving, kind and caring both within these walls, and outside them–more generous with my applause, a smile or a simple nod that could lift someone’s spirits or give them the strength to keep moving forward.

~to become a better friend and listen harder–to actually look people in the eye while they speak, so they know they have my complete attention…no matter how short they may be.

~to become a participant rather than a spectator, to go outside rather than watch from the window, to let a little rain fall on my face rather than dodge for cover–whether or not I’m wearing waterproof mascara. Believe me…that’s big.

~to become more healthy by cooking more and eating mostly wholesome food…and feeding it to my family as well…and to figure out what the heck my deal is with…

peppermint–it’s everywhere! More on that later.

~to become more trusting of my own abilities and have greater faith in myself and what I know deep down inside I can do…and then do it.

~to become a ferociously organized person with an incredibly low tolerance for clutter. I know, I know, big talk…I’m working on it. And no, I’m not showing you a picture of why this is sooo necessary. It needs to happen…trust me.

~to become a brave, courageous person who’s not afraid of anything…or of so many things, at least.

~to become a woman of valor and strength, someone my family, my friends and the Lord can count on–to do what is good, and kind, and right…no matter what.

This is my hope and prayer for 2012.

What about you?

9 Replies to “To Become”

  1. We are more alike than you may think . . . and I love this post . . . You said all the things that I needed to say about the coming year. Launi, you have a way with words! I am glad I am your sister.

  2. Amen, but to me you already are all those things. I’ve talked to a few friends over the last couple of days and I see a trend in a mind shift of of sorts I suppose, of becoming better and not worrying so much about getting more done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. P.S. Where can I get one of the “Live Simply” boards? I could really use those gently reminders each day.

  4. Good one, and yes, I too, would like to attain/become all those things.
    I’ll add one more, to become more comfortable when I have to ask for something to be done that I can’t do myself, AND to say if it was done properly or not. To not shy away when when things are wrong and I’m scared of the ‘confrontation’ that may ensue if I speak up. We have somethings going on with our contractor that gives me a stomachache, but I’ll have to say something-fix it or leave and be done and we will hire someone else to fix it….send me brave molecules!

  5. What beautiful goals for 2012! I really should think about some things I want to accomplish this year instead of just letting the days roll by. 🙂

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