If You Smell Peppermint…

it’s coming from my place.

As I mentioned the other day, in the last few months, I seem to be having some sort of…thing…with peppermint. It happened slowly enough, almost without my noticing. But then, as I looked more closely, I realized that the crisp-and-clean-and-no-caffeine scent of Peppermint is positively everywhere I turn. It can’t be an accident. Lemme show you.

~I’m drinking it for breakfast and sometimes before bed–luscious soothing peppermint tea with an itty bitty–ok sometimes huge–spoonful of honey. Ummmm….

~Starlight mints and peppermint balls are in the candy jar on the shelf–where I can get at ’em quick and easy on my way out the door. That’s very important.

~Apparently, I need candy cane flavor on my lips too…you know…just in case. Baahahaa!

~I’m quite fond of washing my grubby little mitts with Winter Peppermint hand soap. Oooh…chilly.

~Then, before bed, my tootsies get the full treatment–Peppermint lotion with essential oils–which makes it that much more cool. La-te-da.

All I know is that it makes my toes all tingly and smells divine. Yes, that’s what I said.

~Cleaned out my purse yesterday and to my utter horror, there was a huge, mysterious pile of peppermint taffy just kicking around. Now, how did THAT get in there?



~Lastly, I should mention the annual hording of the “after Christmas” discounted candy canes. Because as everyone knows, you just can’t have too many candy canes…especially when they’re ten cents a box.

At least, I don’t think you can.

I have 4 cases in the storage room, so I should know.

They’re sitting next to the Costco size box of Peppermint Patties.


I’m holding them for a friend…I swear.

                                                 Counseling might just be in order.

8 Replies to “If You Smell Peppermint…”

  1. For me, there’s nothing more Christmasy than the smell of Peppermint! 🙂 Some people like it to smell like pine trees and I even like some of the spicey smells… but Peppermint is just so classic!

    Now about counseling… do you think you’ll have to look them up under “Peppermint Addiction” or just “Mint” in general! 😉 Meh… I think you’re good without the counseling! 😀

  2. ah, fear of lack shows up in such interesting ways… for me, I need costco sized blocks of cheese in the fridge! At least your addiction only costs ten cents a box!
    PS, the contractors were here today ( not yesterday) at 9am!! and one baby made it’s appearance last night, one down, two to go. ( baby boy, 8.4#, almost missed her birth as her labor was so efficient)

  3. Quite likely, I’m MUCH better without counseling. At least it’s just peppermint…and not, you know…something REALLY harmful…like


  4. The actual “lack” that I’m feeling is my dad…especially at Christmas time. His shop always smelled like peppermint whenever he was making wedding cakes. I found a peppermint candle at Bath and Body Works the other day and I just stood there and smelled it until–I’m sure people thought I was nuts. It was my dad’s “sugar room” exactly–so much so that it almost hurt–but in a good way. I need to go get it…if it’s still there.

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