Complete White Out

Overnight the leaves on the giant willow tree in the backyard turned a gorgeous nearly-neon yellow, and started to fall. Oh, but not fast enough.

While I  was frantically snapping the photos, the predicted snow started to fall and it got cold…fast.

I watched from the doorway for as long as I could, but look at the size of those flakes! Have one of them land on your bare neck and see how long you can take it. Brrrr…

Oh, it was beautiful though, and it came down…

all…day…long. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve always dreamed about being totally snowed in for a week or so.

Of course, I’d need the furnace to work overtime and a big basket of yarn right next to the couch for my fantasy to come totally true.

 And never-ending hot chocolate could work well too. :}

What’s the weather like where you are? Do you love it?

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3 Replies to “Complete White Out”

  1. I don’t care for snow too much, but it sure is pretty. My kids want to go play in it, but I know that even if I wrap them up in all their coats and gloves they will get runny noses for Thanksgiving. That means we might just need to enjoy it from the windows until then. 😉

  2. I am so grateful for the WET WET snow we received. We really need water in our little part of the world and I’m good with the cold stuff so we can water the garden next summer. Not to be Johnny Rain Cloud but I hope it warms up enough to melt the snow off your lawn so you can get the leaves up – wet leaves on grass all winter is not such a pretty thing. Silly mother nature didn’t give us a chance to finish fall before before old man winter made an appearance – the really big trees around here still have about 1/3 of their leaves on and the rest just fell in the last week.

  3. I love how beautiful it is… but I like that we weren’t really and truly snowed in yet. We don’t have enough hot chocolate in the house for that to happen! 😉 Ha ha ha!

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