Angry Birds

Yeah…I know what you’re thinking. But the fact is that I have never played the game “Angry Birds” in my life. Honestly, I’ve never even watched someone else play it. No, I’m talking about the real birds in our neighborhood…that are actually…you know…angry. You see, I haven’t kept up my part of the bargain where I see to it that the feeders are always full and they, in turn, allow me to stare at them and occasionally let me snatch a picture or two.

In an attempt to redeem myself in their eyes, I bought a huge bag of bird seed and quickly filled each feeder…but then, you know what happened.

Before they could even peck one little seed out of the darn things–the blizzard of 2012 hit and buried everything. Everything I tell you.

No, no.

They still aren’t speaking to me yet.

It may take awhile.

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~30 Days of Thankful~

2 Replies to “Angry Birds”

  1. Loved reading this! my birds got angry too… poor things =\ I have yet to rectify that. even my cat is sad about it. ha ha

  2. I think they’ve forgiven you! Miss Chomp and I have seen a bunch of them lately. I tried to take a picture yesterday because there was a beautiful starling that was all speckled! I really wanted you to see it. Anyway, I think you can stomp worrying about the birdies, they’ve made peace with you! šŸ˜‰

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