Box For The Boy

We are in the middle of gathering things for what will probably be the last package we send to that far away boy of mine. I wish I could think of more things to send him that aren’t just fun food. But when a momma worries that her son may not be getting enough protein or vitamins–I tend to fill the cart up with beef jerkey and pepperoni sticks and fruit leather and anything else that jumps in. This was only about half of what we ended up sending to him. I’m getting really good at jamming tons of stuff into a flat rate priority box, let me tell you. I’m just not always good at remembering to take a picture before I closed it. It was a work of art–trust me.

Let me ask you this…

Do you think he’ll know who it’s from? heh, heh.

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~30 Days of Thankful~

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  1. I bet he really loves getting food from home, because he doesn’t have to pack it around with him and it’s easy to share! 😉 I sure love that guy!

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