Candy Corn Baby Hat

So the babies needed hats and it was nearly Halloween. What was I supposed to do? I found this adorable pattern for a Candy Corn Baby Hat: I had to wonder if they would turn out as well in real life as they did in the pattern picture. They turned out wonderfully and only took an afternoon/evening. So, yeah…very fast.

Fold the brim up—or leave it down. Either way.

I did increase the size for Beckham (right), because his head is rounder than Lily’s (repeat row 6 twice) but the pattern perfectly fit Lily (left) with no alterations.



Do you know how to crochet–even a little? If not, would you like to learn?

5 Replies to “Candy Corn Baby Hat”

  1. It’s like riding a bike…in the next few weeks we are going to do a little “learn to crochet” deal here on GR. So that should help. Your grandson would love it. These are our sweet twins in the picture.

  2. I look forward to your “learn to crochet” lesson. Maybe then I can make him a hat for Christmas (maybe not the candy cane hat, but something else).

    Are we ever going to see the front of your twin grandbabies?

    I love the idea of your website. I hope you get lots of readers. I will pass on the word.


  3. Oh…you can see my sweet babies in the Meet us page and the HypnoBirthing page. Thanks for the support Kim. I’ll get the crocheting class on here soon.

  4. Every baby on the planet should have one of these hats! They are so super cute, and what a festive way to stay warm during the Autumn time!

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